STEELEMyStyle’s 21 Fun Flats To Amp Up Your Everyday Under $100


In my work as a style mentor with individual styling clients  I teach them that they can change so much of the look of their wardrobe with the shoes they choose.

If like me, your lifestyle has changed dramatically since kids and the majority of your time is spent running around in flats then this one is especially for you. I deem a flat anything that I can chase, run down &  wrangle a runaway dog, errant child or do a mammoth shopping day with a client in – hence the wee low clog.

Also, call me a dag but cool, fun, shiny, sparkly shoes make me happy – instant style & mood booster in one. 

So when Chelsea from iconic I Heart Bargains liked my 18 Cool Flats post & asked me if I could find 10-12 fun flats under $100 I thought you are on !

Most readers know I am a savvy shopper rather than buying cheap, disposable pieces, so I spent a bit of time sourcing some great quality leather and suede on sale – sizes will therefore be limited so be quick.

Oh and I love a challenge  – so I found 21 great flats under $100 ...


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Talking ’bout a Fashion Revolution ..





Today April 24 is Fashion Revolution Day.


What is it? 


The Fashion ‘revolution’ marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, when over 1,100 innocent workers lost their lives and is all about encouraging consumers to turn their clothes inside out and ask the question ‘#whomademyclothes in order to call for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

As consumers we don’t know the true cost of the things we buy.

The fashion industry supply chain is fractured and producers have become faceless.

This is costing lives.

All over the world, people are suffering and our environment is at risk as a result of our fashion supply chain.




What can I do ?

The more people who ask #whomademyclothes, the more brands will listen, and the more they will feel challenged to take responsibility for the people and environment on which their business depends.

See below how to Join the #FashRev

There is still time today to take a selfie – make it count.







What else can I do?

Download and read the Australian Fashion Report conducted by international aid and development organisation Baptist World Aid Australia

The 2015 Australian Fashion Report assessed whether companies are paying a wage that meets their workers’ basic needs.found only 9 per cent of fashion brands are paying their workers a living wage ! 

Only 9 per cent of fashion brands are paying their workers a living wage ! 


They graded companies (A-F) based on their

  • policies
  • supply chain traceability
  • monitoring programs
  • worker rights.






How about this Friday factoid ? 

In Bangladesh, the current minimum wage of US $68 per month falls short of the US $104 per month, which is being touted as a fair living wage.

Research shows just an additional 30c per t-shirt would ensure living wages are met in Bangladesh,” said Gershon Nimbalker, Advocacy Manager at Baptist World Aid.



Whose Products Should I Avoid ?  

One of the worst overall performers was iconic Australian fashion brand the Just Group, who received an overall D grade, with an F grade for worker rights.



They own




Peter Alexander

Jacqui E

Jay Jays 

Also performing badly was Best & Less receiving a D- grade and Lowes receiving an F grade.


A bit of good News  

Since 2013, Kmart and Cotton On have improved their traceability of suppliers throughout their supply chains .

Country Road and the Sussan Group have improved worker wages.

H & M released a new sustainability report this month 

The 2015 Australian Fashion report is the third report in Baptist World Aid’s Behind the Barcode research and also features an accompanying Ethical Fashion Guide. Follow the hashtag #behindthebarcode information and go to



In a Nutshell 


  •  You have the power as the consumer to make ethical purchases every single day 
  • Get informed and demand more transparency
  • Retailers and Manufacturers will only listen if they need to – so contact them on social media and ask the hard questions
  • Support local independent crafty creatives, Designers, retailers and artisans  – go to independent markets, shop online at independent curators help local creative people break into the fashion world and create more sustainability.
  • Reuse, recycle & upcycle your clothes
  • Swap clothes or go to a clothing exchange
  • Employ a stylist to make the most of what you buy & avoid buying clothes that are never used or worn.
  • Buy Less Choose Well


Get Informed ….Did you Know ?  








Info supplied by #fashrev and taken from

Just One Thing: Sophia Webster eat-your-heart-out heels under $200


I love how one killer piece can take an ordinary outfit to another level.

Inspired by that Amerie hit from yesteryear “Just 1 Thing”  – this song comes in my head when I see a statement piece that is a great bargain.

I adore Sophia Webster ‘s playful take on the killer heel it’s right up my rainbow alley. If you can afford to buy her shoes – do it – you will never regret paying the money. In your twilight years you can put them on and totter around the nursing home with a huge smile on your face.

But for mere mortals like myself who have yet to

a) find a spare $1000 doing nothing down the back of the sofa

b) find a size 38.5 in any of the styles I love (damn you average sized foot !)

Never fear. I audibly gasped when I saw these cute heels doing some sourcing for a styling client.

So to start your Monday off with a Bang and to shake up your Mother’s Day Gift List for under $200 … read on.

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Shop the Look: Arm yourself with A Sleeveless Duster Coat

As a working Mama with little kids, I don’t have time for high maintenance dressing.

And in my work, I teach clients how to arm themselves with a versatile wardrobe full of pieces that give instant effortless no brainer style so they can look killer in a flash and spend time actually enjoying life.

When I was pregnant and post baby I used to chuck on vintage kimonos and statement coats and stagger out in that sleep-deprived blur with big sunnies, and lipstick and people would – “Wow Sal – you always look amazing ”

“Smoke & Mirrors” believe me. 



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Grandfather’s wisdom – Desiderata revisited



One of the reasons we moved to Brisbane 5 years ago was so that my children could know their Grandparents and gain from that incredibly rich relationship.

As my parents travelled and lived overseas a lot of my childhood, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my extremely optimistic, supportive, joyful fun-loving grandparents.

One of my Grandfather’s favourite sayings was

“There is no such word as can’tyou might try and fail, but then you learn from it , keep trying until eventually you manage it to the best of your ability.”

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Get The Look: Jessica Alba & Gwen Stefani in paint-splattered jeans


Want to get Gwen and Jessica’s cool Mama parklife look ?

Then there are 2 options.

And both are easy, sustainable and feel good.

Buy or DIY …?

Ready, steady Go 


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Shop The Look: Olivia Palermo in Peacoat & Culottes





Want to get Olivia’s  modern nautical look ?

read on … 

The star  is without doubt the Tibi Luxe Peacoat.

I have already talked about the reinventing of the humble timeless stripe this year – here and the little detail of the white stripes on the sleeve of the classic navy peacoat is the key to this utterly effortless chic style.

But let’s not forget the addition of the funnel neck and the culottes –

My love affair with the culotte  does not end – I first starting talking about them on the blog last year and no wonder – Easter lunch,  work, weekend, date night, dinner, daytime – there is a way to style culottes for every occasion and I personally love that about them.


Recreate this look in 4, 3, 2, 1,….

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Happiness is always an inside job

Did you know March 20 was The United Nations International Day of Happiness ?

I didn’t – which is weird because for me

..happiness is a big deal.

I am lucky in my family – we are a pretty silly, joyful bunch – I have strong memories of my grandparents and parents goofing around, wearing wigs and dancing, blowing bubbles, having water fights and generally having a rare old time, whenever we got together.

I also remember that during the hard times my dad would remind us how the situation wasn’t permanent and things would get better – he also taught me to always be optimistic and look look on the bright side.




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Metallic Mondays – Metallic Rain Mac Under $100



As a Mama of 2 and a Personal Stylist I am well aware of how to incorporate style and practicality and help other Mamas do the same.

Things I never ever had to consider before kiddiwinks.


How to wrangle little kids, babies, buggies, scooters, bikes &  dog in the rain without looking like a drowned rat, wearing  god forbid an anorak.  ?

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8 New Denim Trends to Try in 2015




Sick of your Skinnies ?

Bit bored of your Boyfriend’s and your trusty denim pencil skirt ?

Ok we all love denim – so versatile & such an integral part of my and my clients’ wardrobes.

But if you want to stay in your denim everyday comfort zone, but still keen to breakout a bit then read on…and enjoy shopping options for all budgets. With links to pieces under and over $100.

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My Kind of Fast Food



Today I raced home after a morning of Personal Shopping for a quick something to eat and drink before heading out to afternoon appointments.

Wednesday is my only day as a working mama with 2 little kids under 8, that I don’t do kindy & school pickups.

My gorgeous Mama picks up Ms 7 yr old, takes her to tennis, then afterwards picks up Ms 4 yr old and drops them both off at 5pm.

Yes, I’m very lucky I know.

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Metallic Mondays – The Metallic Skirt under $100

2012-07-29 16.59.17

Metallics are a neutral in my wardrobe.

I do own quite a bit and enjoy wearing them – especially on a Monday – to give a shiny start to the beginning of the week.

Who else likes a little sparkle in their everyday ? 

Here is a smattering of the shiny pieces I own, love and wear.

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Shop the Look: Marion Cotillard in Leopard Cape & Breton Stripes



Want to get Marion’s chic parisien look ?

read on … 

Capes are big this year – Leopard & Stripes are always in style 

When I saw this a couple of weeks ago I just thought – this is really my ultimate everyday perfection. I do love her as an actor and she takes risks on the red carpet and in her day to day style.

Love the mix of leopard and stripes. 

It has an effortless chic quality to it that can work for any woman of any age I reckon – whether you are picking up kids – working – travelling – it is timeless, ageless style.

I have done the scouring and found the pieces to recreate this look and many more for budgets up to $300 – with some pieces under $50.

Easy as A, B, C



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Self Love. Body Love. Self Worth

Accentuate the Positive  – Eliminate Negative Self Talk 

In my work as a Style & Image mentor I work with hundreds of men and women and spend a lot of time getting to know them and their opinion on themselves so I can help with their self image, self worth and self esteem.

So much of my work in fact is helping others see themselves in a more positive light and teach them to engage in a bit more self love.

Is your negative body image holding you back ? 



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Best in Store: 3 Designer Tshirts to Luxe up your Weekend Wardrobe


Over the last 3 years I have introduced clients and followers to my favourite sites and Farfetch is a site that I really love.

Everyone knows I love supporting independent retailers – and this site brings together  internationally well known as well as up and coming designer pieces from global boutiques from Düsseldorf to Buenos Aires.

Some people think International designers are out of their price range but if you are a savvy shopper and shop the sales like me – that is not true.

Here are 3 Designer Tshirts under $100 from Farfetch 

that will take your Sunday Funday style to another level and add a bit of luxury to your everyday wardrobe. 


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#leadthefield Indooroopilly Event with Fashion Bloggers Kate Waterhouse, Zanita & Nadia Fairfax

2015-03-11 22.01.07



On Wednesday night, I  was invited by Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to a luxurious sit-down dinner Designer Showcase to launch #leadthefield Autumn Winter 2015 fashion with new season collections from leading Australian and International labels including Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Alex Perry, Oroton, Carla Zampatti, Scanlan Theodore, Manning Cartell, Camilla and many more.

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Real Style: Karen wears new H&M




As a woman, happily in my 40s, who loves fashion I often feel frustrated & bored looking at instagram feeds, magazines or browsing through catalogues and websites which are just awash with young models or older women who’ve not only had botox, fillers and some kind of “work” but have been photoshopped within an inch of their lives, who are meant to represent and inspire women like me.

They don’t.

Real Style has substance & a true sense of individuality. 

In my work as a Style mentor I work closely with men and women who have a strong sense of self in other areas, money to spend, and are keen to have more fun with their clothes, but feel under-represented in the images we are presented with and can’t really imagine themselves in the clothes they dream of wearing.

Brands do themselves a huge disservice by ignoring this enormous & lucrative potential consumer group.

As a stylist and writer of this blog I often get sent pieces from brands to style & photograph.

As much as I love a dress-up my real love is styling and making other people look awesome, so when H&M sent me these 4 pieces this week I thought – let’s shake things up a bit – let’s do something new.


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Best in Store: 18 Cool Fun Flats for Everyday for all Budgets


So last year I did a post requested by a Facebook fan about cool flats to wear with jeans etc.

12 Cool Alternatives to Ballet Flats & Ankle Boots 

It was a big hit.

Lots of emails and messages about how much people loved it and were appreciative for me putting my Personal Shopper skills to work for them.

So as someone who now lives most of my life in flats – (2 hour speed shopping marathons are not done in heels)  … I am always on the look out for new, fun, cool flats.

Here are my Top 18  for all budgets with some pieces under $50. 

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Fun Friday: Dancing it out with The Godfather of Soul


James Brown’s Superbad was the first record I ever bought with my own money.

I have always loved dancing and especially to soul, r & b and hip hop. When I was 15/16 yrs old  I used to go to over 18 clubs in Glasgow, not to flirt with boys, drink, do drugs or smoke..but to get dressed up and dance my arse off until the early hours to Gil Scott Heron, James Brown, Candi Staton, Maceo and the Macks and so on.

Nowadays there are very few opportunities to have a good dance when you are my age.

Go to a club ? Are you serious ? 

Whenever this is suggested – I always remember this hilarious scene from “Knocked Up.”

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What pieces I’ll be looking for… at H&M


Everything Scandi is beloved in Australia

And with International Swedish Fashion powerhouse H & M opening here in Brisbane tomorrow Thursday, March 5 at 10am just down the road from me in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre the love affair is sure to continue.

It has also been announced that H & M  will open in Westfield Garden City in May and the CBD later in 2015.

As a Brit, I grew up with the great fashion pieces that were available at  H&M and I am excited as the Brisbane retail landscape expands with Zara and Uniqlo expected soon too, but also as a Personal Stylist it is great to have more diversity and choice for clients of all budgets.

So welcome H & M and to celebrate – here are a couple of staple denim outfit pieces that I will be checking out tomorrow.

What will you be looking for ?

Let me know how you go !

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