I love holidays but like any Mama out there trying to do the work/family shuffle two kiddiwinks home all the time, for nearly 5 wks has been challenging, not just for fitting in Personal Styling clients but any time to have a thought to myself, never mind write the blog.

Most of our days are chockers with outings and since our move from Sydney, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, GoMA – has definitely become a major part of our everyday lives here.

To be frank,  GoMa totally kicks Sydney’s MCA arse. (sorry but the Glaswegian in me cannot use ass, butt or anything other)

Their exhibits & the way they consider kids as an integral part of their audience (rather than just hand out a wee colouring sheet)  is just amazing.

Yayoi Kusama is one of my personal favourites  and is a big inspiration for the branding of STEELEMyStyle.

Ms 4 yr old loves her installations & exhibits and it is not hard to see why.

This is what I want to be like when I am 82 yrs old – rocking the red wig !

The highlight is definitely The Obliteration Room – all white and you are provided stickers on entry to cover anything and everything with. Everyone had a blast.

Check out See Now Look Forever at GoMA until 11 March – info here

It was also unexpected inspiration for a Christmas period DIY session on Ms 4yr old’s room.

Ripped up carpet – walls, ceiling & concrete floor – all painted white. We are just waiting for the stickers to arrive for Ms 4 yr old to “obliterate” the floor. Photos to follow !

Kusama-san – arigato gozaimasu ne !


Yayoi Kusama image credits:  © Yayoi Kusama / Image courtesy: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo