Sisco bcl
500 Boundary St, Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD 4000

Good Coffee is not easy to find – even harder is a breakfast that can rival those we loved in Sydney at Cafe Zoe on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills  but I have driven from the Western Suburbs in rush hour traffic to Sisco’s in Spring Hill not only for their great coffee but their breakfasts are heaven on a plate and set me up for the day -  so far I cannot go past either their  Scrambled Egg & Bangalow Bacon with the House relish – or their Lightly Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado & Buffalo Mozzarella on organic sourdough. I know if that is their breakfast bring on their lunches – right ?

Breakfast or Lunch – The hardest part about going to Sisco is resisting  their home-made cakes.

So I refuse to. I now take a little piece of Sisco home with me – the tricky thing is they change daily and more new delights keep appearing – great excuse for a getogether – whether it be their Orange & Quinoa with Fig Friands, Strawberry Lime & Pistachio muffins or the killer – their homemade Brownies.

Add to that the sunny, warm & friendly disposition of the gorgeous owners Kelly & Vicki & their lovely staff who just make everything so easy & enjoyable you wish you could transport Sisco into your backyard.

If you haven’t been … do but don’t blame me if you end up falling for them hook, line & sinker.






Let me know how you go !