Yesterday in honour of  American clothing megabrand J.Crew doing FREE shipping & returns to Australia until April 30th 2012, I thought I would give you a few tips on what to buy to achieve that French Chic look that Clients often want to achieve in their everyday.

Missed it … check it out here…

For some that might feel too perfect… so here are a few fun, colourful options from J.Crew that are worth considering adding into your wardrobe.

1. Schoolboy Blazer – $239.02

J.Crew have a heap of blazers of all shapes sizes & fabrics so check them all out, but this one comes in cobalt blue, yellow, bubblegum pink & red as well as petite/tall & a wide range of sizes. If there was one new thing I bought this season it would be a Bold as Brass colour Blazer – shout it loud – I’m hot and I’m proud !

2. Squared Enamel Link Bracelet - $81.95 AUD

I only wish they made this in more colours – but mint is one of the colours of the season. Great statement piece or I would wear layered with a mish mash of bracelets.

3.Blythe Silk Shirt  – $ 133.82

Bye Bye Tshirt – Hello Silk Shirt as my new wardrobe favourite. I have been trawling for months for a great silk shirt and finally on eBay found several. But hello J.Crew – amazing range of colours from Neon Rose (pictured) to Bright Sun. Gorgeous – and the perfect update to your wardrobe.

4.  Garmet-Dyed Ankle Zip jeans - $170.73

Use the FREE shipping to try J.Crew jeans -(tall/petite etc)  if you fit them they will look unreal on you -  they have lots of interesting shades this year so worth having a go to see if their pastel sorbet shades work on you. I am loving these because I am partial to an ankle-zip…& bubblegum pink -  blame the 80s !

5.  Selima Sun for J.Crew Sophia Cat’s Eye - $174.83

I love the red version because… they are such a great statement and fun.

6. Viv Patent Flats – $256.78

As I mentioned above they come in heaps of shades – if you are just looking for a new fun colour to get into your wardrobe but still keep a simply stylish shape then these are gorgeous. Green Patent – how could you not !

7. Trudy Peacoat in Bright Sun $ 202 AUD

This comes in a tan version but I love this Bright Sun version – it will definitely brighten up any Autumn or Winter’s day – the styling is just so classically stylish that the colour comes as such a lovely surprise. Yellow is one of those colours that is definitely this season.  Wear with dark denim & easy nautical stripes, or one of their many incredible shirts.

8. Mini-prints scarf - $75.12 AUD

Easy pop of colour & personality with this bright statement scarf. J.Crew have some lovely scarves to add to your wardrobe – perfect weight for this climate too – check them all out here

But don’t get too carried away -

Worn head to toe in J.Crew you will look safely stylish – a look not out of place at the Yacht Club,  your child’s piano recital or a lovely dinner at that Waterside restaurant with your husband’s work colleagues.

But  if you are more like me – you will want to not look so perfect & maybe mix and match J.Crew with more Fashion Forward pieces, some high or Vintage to give it your own spin.

Want to see how I would work it … Then check out tomorrow when I give you a J.Crew à la STEELEMyStyle outfit with 4 J.Crew pieces.