Don’t read this if you have a great, authentic, inexpensive Thai restaurant near you.

If , however like us now you have a local Thai restaurant that makes you feel completely embarrassed & indignant that you spent just shy of $50 for two overpriced, watered down dishes and a starter that was at best ok & edible -  just because things were pretty busy and you couldn’t face cooking or didn’t have much in the fridge & then you go there again like a bad relationship….

then read on.

We like good food in our house. Our family & friends like good food.

We like going to gourmet Farmers’ markets as a family and having long memorable chatty meals with friends rather than boozy nights out at a pub.

I am the ” What’s in the cupboard/fridge and put it together”  type cook – whereas after 10 yrs of not cooking – my husband is the main force in the kitchen – he now makes his own pasta, weekday dishes like Osso Buco & Lemon Tart & sometimes at weekends I just find him making a cake with Ms 5 yr old because there was nothing sweet in the house… I know amazing.

So we don’t buy convenience food or frozen meals or fast food but I liked Marion Grasby on Masterchef & what she cooked and one day I saw Marion’s Kitchen Green Thai Curry and bought it because I haven’t had a good Thai Green Curry in ages.



We have had a particularly busy time with Ms 5 yr old in and out of hospital over the last 3 months and anyone who has done that knows how it just eats into time to shop, to cook, to live really.

In fact,  just the energy to think of something other than your sick little one, whilst you ship the other bubble from here to there as parents tag team on the “chair of hell” & going to work like a washed-out rag.

But as we keep reminding ourselves we are the lucky ones, because we get to come home.

So one night after we were all home and just regrouping – I used it and the result was really satisfying -  comforting beautiful fresh home cooked Thai food that really hit the nail on the proverbial.

It is now a staple in our larder for those times. But we love it & so we have tried the others ones too.

So far we have tried Green Curry, Red Curry (great with beef), Chilli & Basil ( really delicious chicken or tofu) Pad Thai (we add crushed roasted peanuts & some beansprouts & it is killer)

The only one I wasn’t so hot on was the Sanchoy Bow… def not as good as the rest.




Why I love it:

* Firstly – it only takes 20 mins start to finish.

* It is broken down into really basic numbered steps which is brilliant when I am feeling a bit brain dead after a really full on day with kids, juggling work & getting everyone to bed and starting to make our dinner, perhaps with another 3/4 hrs work ahead of me.

* Authentic ingredients that make or break Thai Curry & aren’t always in my larder like (Kaffir Lime leaves, Bamboo shoots etc – are included)

* I always have some chicken, prawns, tofu or Quorn that I can chuck in and always have a least a bowful of bits of this and that – my favourites are  pumpkin, broccoli, courgette, yellow squash, sweet potato, spinach, peas.

* Anyone can cook using it – so really good if your partner or father/mother etc cannot cook but can read.

* TIP!! Before I start I put on the rice cooker and bingo the rice is ready just before.

* All the pastes are really Authentic tasting & made in Thailand.

* It only costs $6.99 and sometimes is on special so I buy a few.

* It tastes bloomin’ brilliant  – seriously ..


Anyway let me know how you go!

Marion’s Kitchen range is available from Woolworths & Coles.