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No don’t fret – no more Mark Morrison references.

I have such fond memories of my gorgeously stylish Granny speeding around Glasgow in her tomato red “Italian Job” mini  with her sheer Pac-A-Mac stowed in the inside pocket for rainwear emergencies.

For years, the Plastic Mac or Rain Coat or PVC mac were the domain of the Granny Brigade, but thanks to Burberry Prorsum’s A/W cult sheer capes, cool hipsters, inclement weather and the explosion of music Festivals the Mac has gone the way of the Welly and is well and truly back.

I can’t pretend that I am hanging at music festivals.

Maybe in my “Sliding Doors” life, I am taking my two kids under 5 to Parklife, or weekend camping at Peat’s Ridge and the like but the reality.. no.

When I am not working with Personal Stylist clients in Brisbane,  my life does involve hanging out in parks …a lot – but since I bought my Topshop Metallic Rain Mac a few months ago – no longer am I the wet one when rain strikes.

With my leopard print wellies & fully waterproof hooded mac,  I embrace the rain, puddles, mud & hilarity with the gay abandon of my kids. All I need is one of those transparent dome umbrellas to complete the joy.

No horrible juggling of umbrella, toddler, kindy bags etc etc – no more drips down the neck as I am buckling kids into car seats – I am dry all the way and so smug.

Water off a metallic mac’s back.


What I Wore on a particularly rainy day in Brisbane


Rain coat – Metallic waterproof rain mac Topshop- also seen here/ Mint cable knit jumper – Dotti – discussed here/ Black Silk Chiffon shirt – Vintage from eBay Fr / Black Skinny Jeans – J Brand/ Leopard Print Booties – seen here and here / Necklace – Colette/ Lipstick- Rimmel Pink Fame/Fragrance- Tam Dao from Diptyque & Clarins Eau Dynamisante


So if you want to actually stay dry for once and look cool – get in on the Plastic Mac scene.

I scoff at your Prada “shower-proof” raincoat that leaves you shivering on the side of the soccer pitch and raise you this rocking rainwear.

We are not talking about Haute more Hardcore without compromising on style.

STEELEMyStyle‘s picks of the rain coats out there.

Waterproof and under $100.



 Topshop Metallic Plastic Mac $96 AUD

Also comes in blue metallic



Free People Printed Lace Raincoat $88 AUD approx

comes in white,mint,pink & navy



Asos Rainbow Stripe Plastic Mac $51 AUD approx



Aubin & Wills Emley Mac $1oo AUD



Miss Selfridge Aqua Plastic Raincoat $85 AUD




River Island Polka Dot Rain Poncho $20 AUD




Here are some images of ladies on the street and beyond rockin’ the plastic rain mac.

Also check out my Pinterest Board – Return of the (Rain) Mac for more mac options


Pic Streetfsn.blogspot.com



Pic from The Sartorialist.com via Pinterest


Pic MrNewton.net


Let me know how you go !



Sally Steele, owner of STEELEMyStyle  is a Personal Stylist & Style Strategist, based in Brisbane  with Clients all over Australia.

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2 years 7 months ago

Where can I purchase the yellow mac that’s on the young girl with the jean shorts on?

2 years 7 months ago

Hi Debbie this post is over 4 months old and that is a pic from Pinterest of just macs on folks but here is one that is pretty similar from Asos http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Plastic-Rainmac-with-Rope-Tie-Detail/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1893324 cheers Sally

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2 years 10 months ago

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