“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Bill Cunningham, The original streetstyle snapper

The difference a couple of years makes..

I was platinum blonde with a peachy toner  when VIVA magazine – (the Netherlands answer to Grazia weekly magazine)  approached little ole’ me to talk about the trend of comic strip pieces. This was just when I had started the STEELEMyStyle  blog and things were kicking off momentum wise.

I was clearing my computer and these photos by my amazing Ruby Reginato made me laugh as it is a running joke between us that I am at my best when looking to the side aka NOT looking at the camera and when goofing off.

I never posted this at the time as it just happened to coincide with Dad’s first stroke on Mother’s Day and the 16mth emotional  rollercoaster through his subsequent strokes until he passed away last July.

These photos also made me remember what a tough time the past two yeas have been and how this Ka-Pow Tshirt really did help me on days when I felt I needed some superwoman strength to see through the next 24hrs, emotionally physically & mentally. Some people say a love of fashion and clothes are superficial but I really believe that feeling good and wearing something you love can really make a difference to your mood and help you cope with life’s struggles.

Well, in my personal experience this is definitely true.

Anyway, 2014 feels really good so far and things are gearing up again.

I feel my focus, creativity, drive and business plans that dissolved with every call from the stroke unit and  nursing home are back with a vengeance.

Stay tuned ….




Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim  Kapow Tshirt, Vila Leather pants, Nowhere Leather metal toe cap booties, Cambridge Satchel Green Bag, Coles Mix Sunglasses




Don’t speak Dutch ? Here is a translation if you are interested.

Viva: Where can we buy the best fashion cartoons/comic strip items?

STEELEMyStyle: Now that the trend has filtered down into mass market you can find graphic cartoon pieces everywhere. Polyvore and eBay are useful to search. My 3.1 Phillip Lim Tshirt is from UK Matches Fashion.

Viva: How do you wear cartoons without looking to young or childish?

Wearing it with leather or ladylike pencil skirts adds another dimension and stops it looking like a costume.

Viva: Do you have a favourite cartoon character?
When i was a kid i loved Wonder Woman and wear double gold cuffs sometimes like she did.



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