How to have cool nails if you are not a nail girl..

I love fun looking nails but they have always eluded me because;

a) As a working Mama who tries to fit in my work into the school/kindy day (lol) I am always using “dead” time to get something done – email, research, do callbacks, invoice and I find sitting getting a manicure excruciating.

b) I am super duper clumsy and have usually chipped or smudged them before I even get to the car.

c) I am just not the type of girl to play around with nail art if I have an evening without work. Once kids are asleep, chores done, dinner had I would rather read a book, watch 30 Rock or get lost on Pinterest.

I did try out Acrylics but I was so awkward and uncoordinated  with my “appendages”  that two very embarrassing moments stand out –   having to get a random stranger to fasten my jeans in a public toilet and being unable to get my hand out of the door jam of a taxi… the shame.

But thankfully new products are amazing things and one wee advance I have been loving  for the last couple of years are stick-on nails and nail wraps.

Fun, fast, durable &  instant style !




I wasn’t thinking of ever posting about them because social media is awash with expert nail accounts but so so many people have been emailing me, commenting and asking me when out and about these nails thinking I was oh so clever and talented and they could never do that.

So I thought maybe there are more klutz-ey mamas out there who want to have some fun with their nails but don’t have the confidence, time, money or knowledge about these products.

Time to lift the smoke and mirrors folks… which as you know I love to do..

So here you go ladies – easy peasy lemon squeezy – go nuts

Sal x

Here are STEELEMyStyle’s Best Instant Nails.


1) Stick-on Nails –  Elegant Touch Xpress $14.99 (either here online or in Coles/Woolworths





Why I love them:

* So fast and easy – no glue just a peel off adhesive. I did them while waiting at school pickups.

* No down time waiting for anything to dry.

* No fiddly nail art brushes etc – who has time for that ?

* Versatile with a big impact (even random old people on the street love them ) and a great way to show a bit of personality and have fun.

* Massive range of patterns from spots, glitter, holographic to simple colours

* Strong and durable even with washing laundry, cooking, making protein bliss balls, washing kids’ hair and the car one week on still looking good … AMAZING !




2) Glue on nails – 1000Hour Metallic Nailz $6.50 from Priceline





Why I love them:

*They look incredible – “robocop” nails everyone called them

*Easy to do yourself in about 10 mins

* Cheap as chips

* minimal effort – maximum results :))

BUT:  I have used these a couple of times (in silver) – downside was they needed reglued a couple of times a week. However, I am clumsy.. and they are longer than the press-on nails.





2014-03-31 13.31.29


3) Nail Wraps/Stickers – Elegant Touch from Priceline – $4.50





Why I love them:

* They last for ages and ages without ever catching on anything (did I say I was naturally clumsy)

* These ones really stick (some brands are useless) Nail Rock are good too.

* They can work on toes too ( I have done this to great effect)

*Cheap as Chips


STEELEMyStyle Tips

* Great for mash up random manis. I buy a few different designs.

* Cut the stickers/wraps  to size before you put them on (unlike the instructions)

* Rub your nails with an emery board to roughen them up and get them to stick better.

* Kmart do a good silver metallic foil for $5.


A few looks I have done with nail stickers ….





2014-03-17 11.37.59



2013-12-13 09.01.47





2013-12-13 07.55.06




2014-03-19 11.30.24







You can even cut them down to kiddie size for a Mama/Daughter mash-up

2014-03-13 14.13.05


Others on my Must Try list


House of Holland brand $15  -$18 at Asos




Lily Allen’s line of Lily Loves – $14



Watermelon Scratch ‘n Sniff Nail Wraps $4.80 from Asos


Some other Nail-spiration ? Check out Pinterest.


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