Sick of your Skinnies ?

Bit bored of your Boyfriend’s and your trusty denim pencil skirt ?

Ok we all love denim – so versatile & such an integral part of my and my clients’ wardrobes.

But if you want to stay in your denim everyday comfort zone, but still keen to breakout a bit then read on…and enjoy shopping options for all budgets. With links to pieces under and over $100.

My skinnies, ripped boyfriend jeans and my midi denim pencil skirt  are now staples and have had a good, long workout over the last few years, but even I am keen to shake things up a bit.

More denim hues, shapes, styles than you can shake a chambray stick at !

In 2015 – Denim is having a bit of a moment.

I’ve noticed the myriad of options and permutations  in 2015. Every mood, moment and possible occasion and every which way you can image.

Every mood, moment and possible occasion and every which way you can imagine.




1. The Denim Flare

If you are a girl who likes wearing heels/wedges etc – it is a great silhouette and if you have that whole beach hair, Byron/ Boho Gypset vibe then even better.

This is a great silhouette if you are slightly bigger on the bottom half too, because it is flattering for your proportions  (think how good Jennifer Lopez, The Kardashians and Beyoncé look in flares.)

Great for petite, shorter girls too (Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Salma Hayek etc)

Obviously if you are tall & slim  you will rock this (Gisele, VB, Jessica Alba).

My issue is – for mere mortals like myself who run around in a lower heel or flat most of the day and don’t have long flowing hair – it is not a look that works well.

Budgetwise – if you have it and can spend $300 – Paige is my preferred brand for women who are curvy. Also love Frame.

Stick to dark indigo if you want to sleekify your legs. The boho look works best with the paler colours.








2. The Denim Culottes / Wide-Legged Crop 

Now we are talking teacakes – if like me you have had a love affair with culottes for the last 2 years and want something that looks good with sandals, slides, trainers, ankle boots, heels, long boots then BINGO you have your answer.

Add tights/long boots and you can winterise in a flash.

LOVE this look and you shall be seeing it  on me a lot.

When is a culotte not a culotte ? 

“Culotte” from the French is basically a divided skirt – so as soon as it becomes more of a pant then it is a wide leg cropped pant.

Both work well – both are awesome.

There are heaps out there – depending on your budget –

Below are some options from $65 – $280 from raw – like shorter length (MiH) raw frayed longer version (Topshop) nautical (like Gucci & Topshop) sleek (Whistles – great for work).













 UNDER $100 



Raw Hemmed Culottes

$70AUD Approx







Nautical Culottes 





Under $300



Denim Culottes 






MiH at Net-A-Porter

The Kin Culottes

$269 AUD Approx




STEELEMyStyle Sustainable Tip : I didn’t want to buy new jeans at the moment and so I took an old raw denim pair of APC jeans (not that wide but will work for a while) and cut them with scissors and knife then washed – they look great ( see pic on instagram) – I wore them last night and got so many comments. Also most

Also most opshops / garage sals ehave jeans for $5 and you can find a wide pair and crop them yourself.  H&M did have them  – (I included them in my what to buy but they sold out – you can still buy on EBay UK if you really want that pair).


3. The Floor-length Denim Skirt 

This is my favourite denim skirt look and one I tried out myself with a thrifted and gifted long, max,i denim skirt that I ripped up to create a split and more fraying. Very successful.

At the moment the only maxi denim skirts in stores are Saint Laurent $1800 + types, so get down your local opshop and find one and customise it a bit with buttons, badging or fraying or more.




Chloé SS15




4. The A Line Denim Skirt 

This is a great length and look to rock that 70s vibe – there are heaps and heaps out there – try Asos or do a search on Polyvore the Fashion search engine  or Etsy for a vintage 70s one to get one with the buttons down the front.

Love it with the boots for winter.





5. The Denim Slouchy Pant / Harem Pant 

Every woman I know has a bit of a thing for a slouchy pant – practical and comfy without being a trackie dak / trackpant.

Now you can get denim ones – Bassike did some awesome ones years ago, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to $300 – these are bloody perfect for those work and weekend days and can be “glammed up” as my dear Granny used to say, with some great heels, cape or  tux or even a bit of sparkles.

STEELEMyStyle Disclaimer: These are not pants your husband will love – or any man – these are never going to be appreciated by any guy.. promise. They HATE harem pants of any description as they don’t show your bum off.. so if that is important – don’t buy these. These are pants other women who love style, comfort are going to ask you where you bought them. If you don’t like that .. don’t buy these.





Denim Skinny Harem Pants 





6. The Denim Trench 

Who doesn’t love a trench – and denim – combo heaven.

Marques Almeida did a great one last year that Australian fashion /retail consultant Yasmin Sewell got photographed a lot in A/W 14 but Monki have one for under $100. Love the length – wear it as you would a normal trench – with pants, dresses etc – dress it up with heels and have fun mixing luxury pieces with it and its awesome frayed edges.








Denim Trench 






7. Patchwork Denim 

A more sophisticated vibe on the 70s look. Again lots to find in opshops etc or do a search on Etsy for authentic vintage patchwork denim. Or do a wee DIY there are heaps of great Youtube videos for patchwork denim – is a good site too.

Love the Asos printed version that is not real patchwork too.








Denim Printed Panelled Coat 






8. Badged & Embellished.

Sustainable Option: You can buy iron-on badges or get handy with the beads to get the look you want or search on Polyvore under “badged denim” if you are not crafty.




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