I don’t know about you but Date Night outfits vary enormously in our house depending on the reality I am facing.

So rather than list a whole heap of super dressy date night outfits that don’t fit into my or any of my friends or Personal Styling clients lives, I thought I would do 7 Date Night pieces that could easily work for Midweek or Weekend, for those in a relationship or those back in the Dating game – all will make you feel effortlessly stylish and comfortable in as little time as possible so you can focus on having fun when you get there.


To be honest if someone had told me BK (before kids)  that I would be using the term Date Night to talk about a night out with my husband or that they would be rarer than my hairdresser appointments I would have guffawed in their sad little face.

But if it is not a locked in date we can easily go months without hanging out – just the two of us – somewhere – without children.

Here are some pieces under $100 that will avoid you standing in front of your wardrobe feeling Date Night desperate.



1. The Midweek “don’t feel like it but will enjoy being out for dinner once I get there” Date

We all know this one. Kids are a bit feral – you’ve booked a babysitter so you can head out for dinner and a movie but everything seems to be conspiring to stop you getting out the door.

Just chuck on this little sequin dusted jacket over a cami or Tshirt & tight jeans, even the stay-at-home Mama or working Mama outfit you have had on all day, add some heels, pop of lipstick flash of perfume and off you go !





$41.25 BUY NOW 


2. The “It’s been a while since he saw me in anything other than jeans” Casual Date 

Now the weather is a bit warmer and you might feel like showing some leg in a great skirt but don’t want to get too dressed up, this little skirt comes along.

Comes in multiple colours – with pockets – nice linen fabric – bit of a sexy split and  can be styled in countless ways.

Will definitely become a transeasonal favourite and easy to pair with silk shirt, cute sexy top, leather jacket, booties or killer sandals.





$45 BUY NOW 


3. The “Instant Low Maintenance Winter Glamour” Date 

Jumpsuit – no need to think about tights, stockings, spray tan or waxing – very flattering and a bit sexy too.

Need I say more.

Comes in Black or Blush.






4. The “Shock and Awe in a Low Cut Sparkly Top” Date

Whether this is your first date back in the dating world as a new singleton or you’ve only been wearing breastfeeding tops for months, this little number shows your assets off to full effect without clinging round the tummy.

I have only had boobs when I was pregnant and a little post pregnancy. If you have an amazing decollétage and you rarely show it this is sure to kick the evening off well.



$72 BUY NOW 


5. The “ Feeling a bit Flirty ” Daytime Occasion Date 

Might be a work day event or even a wedding together whatever it might be during the daytime this is pretty lovely.

Love the off shoulder and the baby blue – girly and fun – bring on the bubbles.



$40  BUY NOW 


6. The “Low Maintenance slinky number” Date 

A LBD is always a good idea and this little number shows off your figure without requiring shapewear and pre-date exercise routine.

Just chuck on and let your beautiful curves do the talking.




$63 BUY NOW 



7. The “It’s been a bloody ages since we got raunchy and kids are on a sleepover” Date 

This dress will not be on for very long – Have fun !

Zippity do da. Zippity ay!



$30.18 BUY NOW 

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