How to: be more daring – Hairwise – 3 tips

Written by Sally

Sometimes people blankly look at me when I smile at them.

Very rarely they are just fake,  unfriendly, cliquey  folk more often when I speak they hear my Scottish accent and say “oh hi Sally, sorry didn’t recognise you” ….

A friend of mine said ” Why are you surprised ? – you do change your hair colour and cut a lot” … I was about to argue then thought back over the last year.

Ah .. maybe so




Why ? because I love a wee change, having fun and hair will always grow back.

There is a reason why a new haircut and colour gives you a lift and boost your confidence. Just doing something different, especially if you have gone through a rough patch, divorce, grief, whatever.. really changes your whole mood, demeanour & outlook. A new start.. a new you.

I advise Personal Styling clients on their hair too.. it is just part of what I do and I tell them hair is an easy way to shake things up a bit if they are bored.

Want to be more daring with your haircuts and colour but afraid ?

Read on ..

Often people I meet, acquaintenances and new clients say to me – “Oh you suit anything” or “I could never do that”.

Sure you could  –  it just takes a teeny tiny bit of courage.



So how do you do something daring with your hair without it being an #epicfail ?




1. Source & use references and lots of them !

Colour wise these are some of the  references that I give my hairdresser supreme @EllieatNutSalon  at Nut Salon in Paddington, Brisbane – love that she gets them and me :)

Mushroom Peach, Flamingo Feather, Raspberry Ripple, Minky Ash, Vanilla Gelato, My Little Pony Unicorn Purple, Frenchie from Grease meets Shirley Maclaine, Licorice, Squid Ink… and so it goes.

Cuts I am also very specific and take inspiration pics (love Pinterest for this) – examples – Stella Tennant 90s Pixie meets Jean Seberg, Fendi Shaggy Pageboy meets Irina Lazeareanu Peggy Moffit 5 Point inspired 2009, Purdey (Joanna Lumley) Bowlcut  meets Agyness Deyn 2007.

I search on Pinterest for pictures that are the exact cut or colour, I want for myself or my clients and collate them to then show & discuss with Ellie.

Some would say OCD .. I say- hey it works.







2. Be Realistic

Don’t just take one  pic- take several to show the sides, back, the details, the colour tones and different variations so that the hairdresser can really see what type of colour and cut you are aiming for and then tailor it to your shape of face, colouring, tone of skin, type of hair, maintenance level etc.

I always show Ellie “mood” pics so showing the “mood” of the hairstyle/cut/colour  I am suggesting for a client and then she will collaborate with me and we work out what is going to work best for that client depending on the texture of their hair, their existing colour etc etc

Some examples of my mood boards for recent clients – needless to say Ellie nails it and if she feels it is something that will take a few months to get the desired effect .. she tells me and the client that. She must be doing something right because the clients I introduce to her are happy regulars.







3. Find a hairdresser you trust.

Don’t choose this daring time to go to a new hairdresser – go to your trusted hairdresser.

Or if you have to try someone out who is new – start with simpler things and see how they go – then once you like what they usually do – try them with something more daring.

Alarm bells should go off if your hairdresser point blank refuses to do anything different with your hair if you are keen.

A good hairdresser will tell you what options would suit you best, the Kirstina Hendricks you want might not be the right option for you if you don’t like high maintenance hair or your skin tone is not compatible but they will not talk you out of a major change if you are up for it.

Sometimes their skills might not be up for what you want… if that is the case (colour /cut wise) and you see someone who’s colour/cut  is bang on … ask them where they got it done.

People often ask me where I get my hair done – I always tell them – I like spreading the word and making sure other people get good hair.


If you are feeling really daring and love your hairdresser then do what I do sometimes… I just say to Ellie – do what you want !


An added bonus of changing your hair colour & cut …

When you change the colour and cut of your hair, pieces in your wardrobe that have had a wee rest come back into circulation – yay !


Not in Brisbane ? Need a good hairdresser in Sydney … ?

Before I found Ellie – (indeed for a while I was flying down to Sydney or flying her up :)  my hairdresser of choice was in Sydney, Surry Hills – Leonard Newton and his amazing partner Jasmin Lethbridge – from Desmond & Molly Jones – they are AWESOME !




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