Love Jack Nicholson ..

This post is about 5 Easy Pieces..but not the multi-award winning cult film starring Jack Nicholson although it is pretty awesome too.. if you haven’t seen it – it’s worth checking out…

This scene speaks to me  – who else has been in a cafe or restaurant that is so pedantic with their petty rules you want to lose your mind ?



But I digress.. doing this wee blog, instagram, pinterest and facebook as well as in my full time work as a Personal Stylist and Shopper I get contacted by a lot of brands wanting to collaborate and send me free gifts.

I say no a lot.

Why ?

Because I value the fact that my clients and readers trust me – if I recommend something they check it out and usually buy it.

I am very aware of the integrity of the blog too  and a brand needs to really connect with my demographic and meet the needs of the people I come across everyday.

One great Australian brand that meets the needs of so many of my clients but flies under the radar a bit sometimes in my opinion is JAG.

I cannot tell you how many clients (men and women) I have introduced to JAG especially their jeans and casual tops/Tshirts. I can scan a body and immediately know whether we need to look in JAG for jeans. Once introduced they are complete converts for the quality, cut and value for money. Even clients with bigger (PPP – Price per Piece) budgets are pleasantly surprised and cross over because of the great quality of the pieces.

So when the lovely people at JAG invited me to choose a few things as a bit of a “Thank You” gift for spreading the JAG love … there was no request for anything more however when faced with their great Summer collection I thought I would be doing clients and readers a disservice if I didn’t shed some light on my favourite pieces and why.

Most of my clients face a daily dilemma …

Easy effortless pieces for summer that are good quality, practical, versatile and stylish.


So without further ado here are my



5 Easy Pieces from JAG





Why I love it


* pure cotton

* Off shoulder is still enjoying a moment in the sunshine.

* broderie and textured cotton pieces are bang on trend but never really ever go out of style.

* versatile – works with flats, slip on thongs, heels – easy summer style for beachside, bbq or night out

* can be worn on shoulder too.

* not too short for this gal.

* has pockets !




What I wore: The Black Broderie JAG dress (size 6 – I am 170cm), comes in sizes (6 – 16) Also comes in Blue (shown below)

Worn with : Witchery ghillie black suede and gold heeled pointed flats,
H&M rose gold giant hoops, Black and white ribbon worn as choker, heart-shaped novelty sunglasses (girls’ dress ups), Eiffel Tour earring bought aged 12 in Paris, gold magnetic chainmail bracelet. Jen Booth tiny peach patent leather locket. No makeup.








Sizes 6-16



Note: JAG members instantly get 10% off full price and free shipping




Why I love it:


* silk is great for summer, luxurious & surprisingly hardwearing

* V neck is universally flattering

* good size straps and positioning (aka not spaghetti) also flattering

* can be styled to be glamourous or easy weekend wear

* accessories can make it edgier

* 1 thing to pack for holiday wear


Sizes 6- 16








Why I love it:


* fresh breathable cotton

* comes in crisp white or black

* can work for office, daywear or evening depending on how you style it

* pair it with basic denim cut offs, culottes, midi skirts or leather for different looks.

* bang on trend

* great quality








Sizes 6 – 16








Why I love it:



* can be chucked on over swimmers with some metallic sandals, wide brimmed panama and great sunnies for instant beachside style.

* easily styled  with gold, cream and tan + wide brimmed panama for that boho chic look ( see Pinterest board here )

*  throw in an artisan embroidered clutch or bold colourful heels to make it more fashion forward – use the khaki as a neutral base to play around.

* such a great length – not too short – versatile for work and play

* can work for cooler seasons too with leather or trench.

* has pockets !





Sizes 6-16





Finally one for the boys ..





Why I love it :

* every stylish man needs a linen shirt in his life

* so comfy and cool

* fantastic quality and great value for money

* love the colours – feel like Positano even if it might be Parramatta !

* pair with tobacco, navy, charcoal, white slim chino shorts

* can upgrade even daggiest denim shorts

* shoes wise go Stan Smith, Converse or similar old school sneaker shape or slide for effortless lofi style.










Sizes XS – XXL







Oh and BTW if you are looking for shorts that rock – check them out until monday they have 2 for $99 and they come in different lengths