The Power of a Stylist – 5 Ways To A Happier You

Written by Sally

Many women I speak to say they need a style intervention. 

So many women (and especially mothers) I deal with have mountains of clothes and no idea what to wear or how to put them together.  They have lost a piece of themselves in the reality of having kids – hey I get it – I know the struggles first hand.

But it doesn’t have to be mothers. Many women (and men) really struggle with choosing clothes they love that suit their body, express their personality and allow them to just “be”.

One of the best things about doing the work that I do with clients is seeing the change in people’s mindset after we work together.

Sometimes it can just be the shortest interaction with someone, making them realise that they ARE bloody beautiful the way they are and that their negative image of themselves is what is holding back letting their light truly shine.

Whether it is working intensively at home with someone or one on one with a client or competition winner, in Queen St Mall doing a Style Pop-up , doing workshops in organisations or even just in 5 mins chat with a passer-by or acquaintance -I always want people to leave me with a change in their mindset.

I want my clients to be able to go into their wardrobe pick anything and know that if they are going to a meeting with a client, a hot new date as a newly singleton that the anxiety and insecurities that often linger from adolescence and your twenties have been kicked to the kerb and they can just get on with enjoying the occasion.

I often talk about how I work from the inside out with clients –  this is really what I find the most rewarding part of my job.








5 Ways a Good Stylist Can Help You Become A Happier You


1. Demystify the Smoke & Mirrors 

For some women and men – they have no idea what suits them – what colours, patterns, shapes, etc – the jargon is as alien as IT code – twill, sheath, shift, poplin, peplum – it’s all confusing and a bit overwhelming to be honest. Add to that the trends that never end and the media messages and labels  that seem to dictate  “what you should wear if you are pear-shaped, hour-glass..over 30, new mum, man of style etc etc just adds to the insecurity and anxiety. I bring it back to basics – teach clients what to focus on and what to ignore – streamlining your style & shopping experience and making it actually enjoyable. Yes .. fun – even for the most hardened anti-shoppers.


2. Highlight your Star Quality

Clients often focus on the negative – the “bits” they don’t like – what I teach my clients is how to stop seeing themselves as bits- embrace themselves as a whole person and be in charge of highlighting their assets and bringing out their own sparkle and star quality.  Put someone in a piece of clothing that looks and feels amazing and people immediately shine from within. Natural luminosity !



3. Show you how to Be Yourself on Purpose

Many people struggle with expressing who they are. For some, they might not have the time to think about it. Others may have lost their way because of life’s daily struggles taking attention  But at a deeper level, some people dress to hide their real feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence. A good stylist is a trusted confidante who will help bring out your personality and help you choose clothes that allow you to express yourself.

Style is being yourself on purpose – noone else.

A good stylist will help you understand that you don’t need to dress based on other perceptions of what you should be wearing. You should wear what makes you feel confident and look the way you want to.



4. Teach You How to Love Yourself or at least Accept Yourself 

I teach my clients not to wait until they lose 5 kilos or whatever..  not to hold off on learning how to show their own individual style. Everyone needs to stop being so hard on themselves – nip the negative self-talk in the bud, get a mantra and say it to themselves in the mirror everyday – mine is “Looking pretty good babe”.  Don’t try and be anyone else – don’t compare and don’t judge others – just focus on being the best version of yourself inside and out and having a bit of fun with what you wear. No one worth knowing cares. All the good people are having fun on the dance floor :)


 5. Unlock your Inner Confidence 

I tell my clients who are so thankful after we work together that I didn’t make them more confident – they unlocked it themselves because they feel good in the clothes they are wearing and are expressing their true selves. With the tools I teach – they can confidently choose clothes for whatever occasion that arises or based on their mood or inspiration and know they are expressing a side of their personality to the world. That feel-good factor can help knock on to all areas of your life.


Watch Amy Schumer talking about the power of the stylist. 

The wonderful Amy Schumer is doing Style Empowerment Workshops and talks about self worth, learning how to dress and how to embrace your body shape  and why learning the tools from stylist Lisa Peters have changed how she views herself  and allows her to maintain her confidence.



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