Love Christmas – big lover of it all.

I have always wanted to do more Christmas craft – have never really had the time or energy.

But when Ms 5 and Ms 8 got back from kindy/school last week I told them I could start dinner or we could make a Christmas wreath together. …

It took about 45 mins and you can make one too..

I have friends and bloggers I admire who are really clever and detailed and are rather intimidating with their skillz.

I am neither. I am an instant craft person.

I like instant WOW factor results.

Nothing too tricky, requiring too much skill or too much of my time.

Which is why I love this !

Christmas is definitely not Christmas without the old greats – we start listening to Bing, Frank, Dean and Louis at the beginning of November .. no joke – it is on regular rotation in the car.

The morning school run is definitely more fun with Bing Crosby’s Jingle Bells on full blast !




All you will need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pompoms
  • some cardboard
  • some ribbon or wire to hang up
  • trusted helpers
  • Chrismas music playing ( we have a Frank Sinatra / Bing Crosby’s old vinyl playing on the record player )








If you are uncrafty as me and need the basic 1, 2 3 …

1. We used the recycled cardboard from our weekly veg delivery and drew a circle using a fruit bowl then drew a smaller circle using a saucer.

2. Then cut them out (roughly) as you can see..

3. I then did the hot glue (and burnt myself a few times too many)  –  and my 2 trusted helpers stuck the pompoms on the cardboard until all the cardboard was covered.

Tied up with ribbon and









We all – including the Man  – love it.

Everytime I come home or shut the door I smile and the girls say – we made that together – or – I love that Mama it makes me happy. (cue warm fuzzy feeling inside :)

Oh and yes I have a candy pink front door… I painted over the institutional grey blue as soon as I could and it’s not a perfect job but good enough for our wee imperfect house and makes me happy every time I come home.

Any questions let me know but seriously it is so easy and so fun.

Merry Christmas !

Sally xo

PS Dinner still happened albeit closer to  6.45pm as we had a bit of a impromptu dance – and it was a bit of an assembly job with rice/quinoa chucked in rice cooker – and mixed together with olive oil, tuna, boiled eggs, green beans, spinach and small tomatoes .. but happy kids happy mama  x



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