Every Year At Christmas Time I Go Offline & Unplug.

Over the year here at STEELEMyStyle a lot of my life is spent online – a business necessity.

I  update the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Polyvore at least once a day.

In my personal life too I find interesting articles and check up my personal Facebook and Instagram morning and night.

I also research and source on the internet daily whether it is clothes for clients or the blog, proposals, editorial, trends, social movements etc.

Add into that the fact that I check my email at least 3 times a day for work, not including my voicemail or work phone.

Then I have constant notifications that I answer like Pavlov’s dog in order to maintain my business and clients.

I am a big believer in sustainability of all kinds and for my business to be sustainable I know I need some time away from the online world.

Last year I did 2 wks offline & unplugged – a kind of Digital Detox and it was bloody brilliant.




This year I am doing 3 wks – and will be offline until Jan 11 2016.


Want to jump onboard ? Here are a few reasons why.


11 Reasons to Do A Digital Detox


1. You will Actually Relax, Destress and Recharge

You cannot totally relax when you are responding to notifications and checking your phone – simple. For the first 3 days I noticed how I kept bringing my phone out for no reason I found myself worrying that I had not posted in 24 hrs but after 3 days like any detox I felt lighter and didn’t think about anything to do with work at all. I read a book, did yoga, meditated and enjoyed feeling still.


2. Your Relationship With Your Partner Will Improve

As opposed to sitting next to each other with your phones you will interact again. Also you might even get raunchy more..


 3. You will Be Present to Make Memories

All we have is the present – so the memories with your children are happening now. They will never be this age ever again and experiences that are happening now will not be repeated. When my kids said Mama can you … I was available and not distracted. It felt good.


4.You Will Break The Habit and Recalibrate

Whether you think so or not – there are studies abound that state most people have a mild internet addiction. Dont think you do – then try a Digital Detox and become aware of how addicted to technology you are. By going cold turkey you can recalibrate yourself to enjoy life without the constant interraction with devices. Apparently it takes 18 days to start a new habit , 66 days is the optimum to set a habit in stone.


5. Your Mood Will Improve

Constant connection is making us all more susceptible to mental illness and depression and anxiety in particular. Read more here


6. You Will Be Happier

Without constant images of other people’s lives you will stop comparisons and allow your body to detox from digital envy, jealousy and insecurity.

Even if you are not aware of this – constant sharing of “perfect lives” does have an impact on your mental health and feelings of self esteem.Researchers have found people feel worse after going on Facebook or Instagram – read more here

You will feel more gratitude about your own life.


7. Your Sleep Will Improve

According to researchers – the light emitted from laptops and tablets tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime and reduces melatonin production. Read More Here


8.  You will Gain Real Time Back

– How many times have you gone to check Facebook briefly then it has led to an article, then a Pinterest board and before too long an hour has disappeared. Stop falling down those rabbitholes and you will see how much time you actually have in a day to read, play, exercise, meditate, cook, laugh and walk sunsets….


9. You will Be Setting A Good example To Your Children

– In our house we made a decision to not have iPads, car DVDs, games consoles etc in our house because we are aware of the disconnectedness of technology and wanted to do our best to let the kids be little and experience childhood. I have told my kids I will pay for any class, experience, instrument or skill they want to learn over buying them an iPad or games console.

We limit TV to weekends only and want our kids to know that digital online life is never as interesting or fun as real life and that they are our priority not our Newsfeed FB or IG.

Studies have shown how detrimental it is to children’s social skills and empathy. Read more here


10. Your Body Will be Healthier

Chronic eyestrain is on the rise due to our use of technology and it not only is affecting our eyes, but the rest of our bodies too. By having a digital detox and living more in the real life you will be exercising more and giving your eyes a well needed rest. Read more about it here


11. More Creativity Less Consumption

Instead of just consuming content you will have time and headspace to create something you are passionate about – photography, writing, craft, painting, cooking – which is more rewarding for you and others around you. Read more here


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See you in 2016 xx