My Daily Mind, Body, Spirit – Beauty Routine

Written by Sally

Do you put your Mind, Body & Spirit first ?

I have never really been good at prioritising my health and wellbeing over the rest of the family.

I don’t think as a rule many women are.

This situation exacerbated when I became a mother and until 2014 when after a few years of stressy times with kids health issues and my father’s  stroke I got pneumonia and realised my adrenal and immune systems were in crisis and I needed to take better care of myself.

So I gave up sugar as a starter and it was monumental.

Read about it here if you want – I have never gone back.

In 2015 I really did put more time into self care and being responsible for my own health  – mind, body and spirit and this is continuing in 2016. I was inspired by my client, Thought Leader and Keynote Speaker Christina Guidotti who talks about “Self First is Not Selfish” – and has an incredible non-negotiable self care routine. She is also an amazing mentor and adviser to many successful women in business.

Check her out on Facebook too

Although I am a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and blogger of sorts, my own personal beauty and image routine is pretty lo-fi.

Beauty for me is about making the most of yourself inside and out.

So in answer to lots of emails I get asking me what my go-to products are – here is a little insight into my daily beauty routine and the products that are in high rotation.





A Typical Day 

5.30am – Wake – stretch – take 10 deep breaths (my Grandfather who lived til he was in his 90s did this) – then feel grateful for all that I have.

5.40am – Drink warm water with lemon juice

5.45am – Meditate for 10-15 mins – I use Headspace app.

6am – Skip for 10 mins (often with Ms 5 who is up)

6.15am – Have a chat to Ms 5 whilst bodybrushing, washing face etc/shower (never get a shower on my own unless I do it at night)

6.30am – Kiss bye bye to The Man and get Ms 5 breakfast and make green smoothies for all.

6.45am – 8.00am  Drink green smoothie while putting moisturiser/sunscreen etc and quickly get dressed whilst basically waking Ms 8, helping the kids to get breakfast, making any special breakfast requests, cajole them to get dressed, do their beds, wash faces, brush teeth, tidy rooms, find missing something invariably, feed dog, help them check bags, make sure they pack their lunchboxes (done night before), sort out arguments, hassle, cajole, unpack and repack dishwasher, do their hair, tie laces, check work instagram, FB, emails – respond to urgents, flag others for later, check final checklist, pack car with work kit required and head out door to dropoffs.

This does not include invariably the dog getting out or a stray neighbour’s chicken causing commotion in backyard or Ms 5 deciding she doesn’t want to eat toast anymore or Ms 8 saying she absolutely needs to wear a skort to school and none being clean.

8.10am -Take a quick outfit pic before I leave.

8.15am – Put lipstick on in car and a bit of BB cream if need be and mascara if meeting clients

8.20am start dropoffs ( this year everyone is at school so this will be quicker :)

9.00am – Head to client meetings or pilates three times a week. Post pic to instagram.







From Top Left (clockwise)


1. Hessian Body Loofah – present from Palazzo Versace, Aurora spa

Used religiously for dry bodybrushing to get lymphatic system moving . – buy a bodybrush here $22 from Net a Porter – BUY NOW 


2. Pura Sonic – present from Pac Fair SS15 launch

Loving it – I use it with the sensitive brush 1minute a day and my skin is definitely brighter – $89 from PuraSonicBUY NOW


3. Clarins – SPF 50 Crème Solaire Spéciale Visage

For my face hands and neck – smells great and high protection. Always wear 50SPF sunscreen. Every day. When I go on holiday I often use a multitasked sunscreen/bbcream to save space. $40 from David Jones- BUY NOW




4. Garnier BB Cream

I don’t wear foundation – just use a bit of this if needed. There is a reason it is so popular – it’s blooming brilliant.

Available everywhere about $12-$14


5. Benefit They’re Real mascara

Amazing ! hands down my favourite – people ask if I have had eyelash extensions when i wear it – $19 – Sephora – BUY NOW


6. Luma and Mac lipsticks

Wear lipstick everyday – that coupled with sunglasses is my Killer Style Combo – learnt when I was sleep deprived with babies – Two of my favourite brands – Luma Pink Hope, by Jess Hart is all natural  is $19.99 and 100% goes to the charity – BUY NOW





7. Adidas trainers

Big fan of Adidas – love the polka dots and the pink – cannot tell a lie they make me happy to do exercise – favourites being yoga, dancing, cycling, pilates and skipping. Not a gym girl… bought these in the Athletes Foot sale for 50% off last winter and banked them.


8. Weighted Skipping rope – Kmart

Not great at it yet but do 10 mins every day so far and like the addition of the weights. Hope to really build aerobic fitness this way and easy to take with me on shoots and work trips. – $4 – BUY NOW

9. Vital Greens powder

Devised by naturopaths and includes 76 greens, probiotics, vitamins,minerals  etc – I put it in a smoothie everyday and feel great. Read more about it online here – $49 300g (special atm in Woollies) BUY NOW






10. Coconut Milk Green Smoothie

I have a Green Smoothie everyday without fail – (sometimes coconut water sometimes coco milk) I vary the ingredients depending on what is in the fridge but this one is coconut milk, kale, Vital Greens, maca powder, lucuma, cacao, chia, buckwheat, linseeds, half a mango, broccoli, half an avocado, coconut, handful of raspberries. Breakfast is usually later – around 10 ish – I usually eat toast with goats cheese and tomato, avo/bocconcini or almond and cashew nut butter. Sometimes I eat with the girls sometimes later on – depends how I feel.

11. Australian Bush Flower Essences – Love System

My new favourite face products – organic – multi award winning and these products work wonders for my sensitive mature skin that is a bit prone to psoriasis when I am stressed. I buy different products with other Bush Flower essences each time I run out to try them. At the moment I am using.

  • Gentle Face Wash Serum – Morning Citrus Dynamis
  • Uplifting Body Lotion – Morning Citrus Dynamis
  • Daily Essence Moisturiser – Love System
  • Skin & Space mist – woman



12. 3 wise monkeys figurine & bead loveheart

These objects  symbolise my gratitude ritual and 10 mins meditation  I do everyday -in 2016 I will be trying to take it to 20 mins. I use Headspace app as I need guidance and twice a week I go to meditation and yoga therapy. This definitely sets me up right and helps me keep calm and avoid feeling anxious and a bit scattered which can happen if I have too much on my plate or I am worried about Ms 8 health issues.


What are your beauty products and mind body spirit rituals ?

Would love to know – let me know on Instagram, Facebook or in the comments below xx

If this has inspired you to start putting yourself first and create a routine of your own let me know how you go.

Sally x


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