There is no way as a stylist with 2 wee kids that I look glamourous all the time and I don’t pretend to, but I do always express my personality in whatever I buy and wear – whether it is just yoga wear, T shirt & jean uniform for kids activities or a simple baseball hat.

I teach my Personal Styling clients that just because they are not leading the same lifestyle they were before kids doesn’t mean they have to become invisible and wear dreary clothes. Just because they are doing the groceries,  the laundry, walking the dog doesn’t mean they cannot choose pieces that express their individuality.

There is no secret that my personal style is chockers with colour, print and fun pieces like this Andy Warhol inspired bananas baseball cap, worn sans makeup with Romance was Born Tshirt and denim overalls for dog walking, kids weekend skating, chores and  supermarket duties.

It’s great quality cotton. A good buy.

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Go Bananas !





Going Bananas Cap by Sportsgirl

now $4.95