How to: wear Headscarves & Turbans 7 ways

Written by Sally

Everyone knows I love a hat and I have a rather large collection of scarves (most end up commandeered by Ms 10 yr old and Ms 6 yr old for dress-ups) but I do also often wear a headscarf and I am a bit partial to a turban too.








Why I love it:

*I get to enjoy my Grandmother’s beautiful silk scarves more often
*Great for Speed Styling if your hair needs straightened, washed … brushed.
* What can I say I love a bit of fun and it can totally change your look.

If you need more help on “how the hell to tie this thing” – just Google “How to tie a 40s scarf” or similar and you will be inundated with YouTube videos.

For heaps more – “How to wear a Headscarf” inspiration & how to step by step pics head to my updated Pinterest Headscarf Board

Look for great scarves in Opshops, Garage Sales or sale areas of stores like Dotti, Sportsgirl, Seed, Country Road etc – love the scarf – get the best – Hermés !

So what options do you have to rock a headscarf – here are the key looks as I see them broken down.

1.1920s Gatsby look

Great with shorter hair – embrace the flapper in you and tie a scarf to the side like Carey Mulligan here below.



I love this reinterpretation of it with an updo on the runway



Nicole Richie shows how you can easily give the side scarf a 60s vibe



2. 1940s Wartime – Rosie the Riveter look

This full scarf look is a hard look to pull off – but I love how Karen Walker revived it.



I think a more modified version of it so you see more of the updo is far more wearable for your average person – and although this is often seen on ladies doing the rockabilly look it is def not restricted to that retro look.


Paloma Faith






I love when you do this headscarf wrap with longer hair down  the vibe completely changes whether  your style is beach boho, indie or gypsy sophisticate.





3. 1950s Audrey Hepburn – Jean Shrimpton – back of a cabriolet or the Queen at Balmoral  look

This is the look I am loving the most – and its revival – so chic so utterly charming. I am so going to do this more !





Joan Collins




4. 1970s boho gypsy look

Sophia Loren was big with this vibe and it looks best on long hair – but always a winner I reckon for that beach chic look.








6. The Headwrap /Ethnic Headscarf/ Turban look

If you have the hair, cultural heritage or sheer attitude to rock this – I adore it !









7. The Peasant/Amish  look

A tricky one to pull off but loving these versions of it.





Let me know how you go !

Get Spotted !






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