Loved Up : 4 Fun gifts for Valentines Day or anyday !

Written by Sally

Valentine’s Day is not a day me and The Man have ever celebrated in our 22 years together.

Neither of us like being told to be romantic and buy stuff by the powers that be.

Our idea of romance  is more around the little things – a cute note of love or encouragement left around the house, someone making a beautiful dinner midweek without the usual negotiations about who is making dinner, a  spontaneous lie-in at weekends and a small gift out of the blue.

Talking of gifts – after this long together I do not do hints.

It always ends badly.

I collate a list for him across a year of things I have seen and am not adverse to receiving whether it be birthday  .. soon (hint hint)  Christmas or random ” You are an amazing wife and mother and I am so lucky to have you in my life” present.

So whether you need to tag the loved one or you want to #Treatyoself  here are 4 fun presents that I would be happy to receive any day of the week and wouldn’t even care if they arrived on time for V day or not.

Fuck chocolate, uggs, beauty products and crap trashy lingerie ..





1.  Lovestar X Jasmine Dowling – vase

I am pretty sure this particular one is sold out but they they have heaps of other heart vases that it is difficult to choose which one you like best.. you could always go for the Beyoncé vase – #ISlayOkay..

Vases priced $79 – $295 AUD




2.  Britstitch – Poppy “With Love” Red Half Pint Satchel

Handmade and cute as a button – comes in bigger sizes too.

Monogramming available too.

Prices start from $153 AUD





3.  Topshop – Heart Bra & Sheer Knickers set

This is super cute and a bit raunchy.

Chic as Chips too.

$65 AUD for the set




4. BanDo – Heart Shaped Weekender

What better bag for a romantic weekend away – or just for the gym – love it

$76 AUD



* This post is not sponsored – I will always state when it is.



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