The Man, Ms 8, Ms 5 and I were very lucky to be invited to go and check out The Great Moscow Circus last night, which is on tour celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Friday night is usually Brownies, fish and chips and family movie night so

hey kids tonight we are going to the circus !

– was greeted with excited squeals all round … and the kids were pretty pumped too… Boom Tish !

As soon as the kids saw the gigantic Big Top with its distinctive shaped domes we felt transported to Red Square and the excitement started to peak.

In my children this manfested itself in being unable to stand still – skipping on the spot and much clapping of hands – really textbook “Whoo hoo” – making taking a photo very difficult (as you can see) and we took lots.



I haven’t been to the circus since I was a child in Scotland. I have been to other circus acrobat shows, but from the moment the lights went down and the spotlight came on a girl high above the ground in the Big Top I remembered how unique an experience it is.

It was amazing to watch the girls’ reactions – during the first 5 mins they were chatting to each other saying things like “Wow I should try that on the monkey bars”, or “that looks so hard” but the chat soon changed to agog open-mouthed awe.




The high energy show is interspersed by belly laughs from the genuinely funny, multi talented clowns and the variety of the mindblowing acts just accelerated over the two hours.

It was hard to find favourites because each act was so bloody good at what they do but there is something there for everyone in your family from the grace and mindblowing Ballet acrobatic contortionist to the revhead stunt loving favourites – Globe Riders.


GMC Ballet on Shoulder4


Personally the male acrobats and trapeze troupe were  pretty spectacular .  Apart from the mindblowing leaps and twists that they managed to fit in to the Big Top, purple spandex has never looked so good. .. seriously.

Ms 5 said ” Why do all the men have no tops Mama ?” cut to me enjoying the view ” Maybe they ran out of material darling“.

The  beautiful costuming with the traditional Russian feel was also a really nice touch throughout the show.


GMC Russian Act2


Anyway – by the start of finale and the Globe Riders I turned around and tears were falling down Ms 8’s cheeks.

By the end she was sobbing from sheer joy and exhilaration !

I know  thrills and spills are commonplace in this YouTube daredevil, CGI addled, Australia’s Got Talent, video game generation but suffice to say this “Old School”  entertainment kicked the arse of anything you might have seen online or onscreen.

It was sensational family entertainment but it was so much more.

For my two girls it was a childhood memory they will never forget for they have been inspired and their eyes opened wider.

They both saw a spark of what is possible with determination, passion, practice, sheer guts and a whole lot of heart.

And not just the kids – it made me appreciate how important these kind of cultural live arts shows are, the families who are part of them and the importance of supporting these incredible artists who put their heart and soul in the ring every night.

Circus people are definitely my kind of people.


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