Video Review : Forget Mascara get Modelco Fibrelash

Written by Sally

I am a lo-fi beauty girl.

I like instant style solutions.

Realistically the most beauty products I wear everyday are moisturiser,  SPF 50 –  with lipstick and mascara.. a flash of BB cream if it is a special occasion and bingo ..

So I am always checking out lipsticks and mascaras on the market.

For a while there I would get eyelash extensions every now and then because it was so practical and with little kids meant I didn’t have to even wear mascara, but the kabosh was put on that when my eyes became allergic to the glue and I realised  I would rather spend $60 on a babysitter so the Man and I can go out somewhere.

Anyway – I know fibre lashes have been around for a while but they always look so fake and  … well.. spidery.

These do not ..

There is a reason this product is a best seller ..

If you follow me on Snapchat you will see these videos as I make them.


It is bloody easy and bloody good.

Here is me after 1 application (brush on Step 1 – wait 30 secs – brush on Step 2 – wait 30 secs – brush on Step 1 again)

Pretty bloomin’ great I say

Bat Bat Bat



Plus you can buy it for $11.97 at Woolworths online so add it into your home delivery !!

And they have a “how to” video if you need it ..

Buy Here

You are welcome.









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