5 Ways to Creatively Wear Stripes & Where to Buy

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I launched #SpotMyStyle – one month ago to celebrate  #realstreetstyle and the individuality on the streets of Brisbane, Barcelona and beyond as well as help others find the right pieces – I see so many incredibly stylish women grocery shopping, the chemist, school dropoffs, events, doctor’s surgery and on instagram around the suburbs of the world.

I wanted to highlight some of these amazing women I notice and inspire women of all ages, shapes and sizes to express themselves and live out a few of my 2016 Personal Styling client mantras.

Dare More, Care Less – don’t worry what anyone will say or think – wear something that makes you feel happy and alive. #daremorecareless

Individuality is always on trend – you don’t need to be buying new things to have style – show and express yourself no matter if you made it yourself, found it in an opshop, how old you are or how long you have had the pieces. #individualityisalwaysontrend

Live your Life in Full Colour – don’t be afraid to add some colour sparkle and joy into your everyday clothes  – don’t wait to express your creativity. #liveyourlifeinfullcolour

Metallics are a Neutral – don’t save sequins for nighttime – get some sparkle into your everyday #metallicsareaneutral

The response is  amazing with over 600 posts so far !

Here is  what I am loving from the #SpotMyStyle real streetstyle community this week in terms of how to wear stripes and links on where to buy similar or exact match pieces.


#SpotMyStyle My Top 5 this week

Real StreetStyle Roundup – Stripes


1. Read between the Lines


The skirt over pants, the flared shirt sleeves – the winter white combo palette – just everything about this outfit is killer – and creating the line upon line architectural stripe effect – then there is the repeat of the stripes in the bag which hits the theme – so much goodness in this mono-ice cream dream.

Daring and killing it.

Such great layering inspiration and use of lines. Follow @thelondonerinsydney for great style inspo on a real girl’s budget.

Buy the clutch instore at Kmart or get a striped evening clutch here at Lord and Taylor.

*Style Tip – A bold accessory like the broad stripe clutch is a great way  add edge and focal point to a muted winter white palette.



2016-05-20 03.49.16


2.  Line up


I met gorgeous Cate when she was instore at Cue/Veronika Maine and was struck by her unique and strong structural look – lucky for you she is now doing Personal Styling. She is also a great gal and living proof that you can rock edgy  contemporary looks well into your 40s. Love this outfit with the ontrend necktie, vertical stripe pants and ankle boots.

True individuality.

Cate’s Veronika Maine pants are last season and sold out and the quality, fit and cut is so good for the $.  But if you want to recreate or try out striped pants here are a few out there The Iconic Under $60 – Some great blue and black ones here TopShop Under $90 – Chloé from Matches Fashion here  if budget allows.

Style Tip* Don’t go for wide legged cropped versions if you are short – choose a peg leg full length version instead to keep some length in the leg.



2016-05-06 20.07.22



3.  Stack of Stripes 

There is no doubt that @Timeless_Styling is a layering queen –  I love how she took the theme  of “stripes” and just nailed it on every level. From the stripes of the poncho top to the stripes in the colours of the stacked bangles. So inspiring and such creativity.

Buy similar fringed poncho here at Topshop

Elizabeth finds her incredible necklaces and bracelets here at Ruby Olive  and here  at Adorne

The second picture just shows what a legend she is – she made that dress and the scarf and head piece from the leftover… I know .. dead set Style Legend.

* Style Tip – pale stripes can be used as a neutral palette to layering brighter colours from neighbouring colour hues  – notice how Elizabeth sticks to blues, greens and neutrals to bring it all together.



2016-05-20 21.21.08


2016-05-20 07.20.19



4. Sharp Stripes


Love how @Ruthyannie has styled this tailored striped blazer with jeans and  marsala peep toe ankle booties. Easy day to date night option expertly styled to look effortless.

* Style Tip – The add of a rock/band/slogan Tshirt can bring the formality of a tailored piece down a notch to allow versatility with your workwear.







5. Stripe- Tastic Poncho


Love this striped poncho look from @Janijans  so very much. This is such a colourful stylish fun winter look with a poncho-load of personality. Plus add in the coordinating wall !

Want to find a Vintage Stripe Poncho – check out Etsy here

* Style Tip – wearing a Vintage stripe poncho with simple all black palette allows the piece to stand out and feel contemporary – for a more 70s vibe add flared jeans and heels.


2016-05-19 04.12.27



There were so many incredible looks – Please keep posting so I can highlight more next week – check #SpotMyStyle on Instagram for your own personal real streetstyle favourites.

Tag #SpotMyStyle on all posts current and past that you are happy for me to post in the realstreetstyle roundup or in themed shopping & styling posts. Style is timeless and so is the streetstyle roundup so if you were not featured this week does not mean your look from this week won’t be highlighted.

Whatever age, shape, size, style you are join in #SpotMyStyle x

Please share your hair, makeup, shoes, homestyle – in weeks to come I will be sharing different themes. x

May is the month of #Denim&AnkleBoots – but I am always on the look out for how you are rocking different trends and textures.

Please email me or direct message me with any suggestions, thoughts or feedback to make this community work better for you. xx

Thanks for joining in – I have been inspired so much this week by everyone’s creativity.

Lots of Love

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