Dare More, Care Less – the #realstreetstyle stars inspiring women of all ages

Written by Sally

Just 6 weeks ago I started #realstreetstyle and #SpotMyStyle – this style inspo community highlighting style, creativity and individuality on the real streets of the world – cool wonderful style is not something that only happens for 25 year old fashion bloggers in London, Paris, NY and Milan.

We surpassed 1000 posts this week so THANK YOU so much.  I am so humbled by everyone’s enthusiasm and support. So much great Personal Style creativity and style inspo new people joining every week.

To all the new people thank you for joining in and welcome but I also feel it might be timely to just clarify a couple of things to try and maintain the vibe as it were.

  1. #SpotMyStyle and #realstreetstyle  is a global community started by myself for individuals worldwide to share their Personal Style outfits and to highlight great style from Manchester to Massachusetts and everywhere in between no matter their age, ethnicity, shape or style.
  2. Feel free to hashtag #SpotMyStyle and #realstreetstyle on past or current Personal Style or outfit flatlay posts that either a) plays along with the theme (this month is Colour & Layers) or b)  just simply show off your own individuality – you do not need to be “on theme” to tag your posts.
  3. Please remember this community is not the place for businesses or individuals to flood the community feed tagging all their posts #realstreetstyle and #SpotMyStyle purely to self promote or push their feed, products, services or blog posts.  Please don’t – it clogs up the feed  and it is just bad form chaps.


Anyway.. every week I choose 5 of my favourite #realstreetstyle icons who are expressing themselves  and living out a few of my 2016 Personal Styling client mantras of which Dare More Care Less is one – This means push yourself to experiment and try something new and a bit risky style wise – most often it will surprise you how good it looks – occasionally it doesn’t work but hey who cares – it is only fashion.

Here is what I am loving from the #SpotMyStyle real streetstyle community this week.

#SpotMyStyle My Top 5 this week

Real StreetStyle Roundup –  Comfort Chic

1. Oh Mickey you’re so fine !





This winter racing day outfit of Peta’s is so incredible on so many levels – cosy but chic to the max … the leather pants, the cape, the red gloves but the Mickey Mouse faux fur pom pom hat is the accessory that really pushes this fun, playful yet daring vibe.

Love it so much. The hat looks like one from Charlotte Simone

You can buy a Mickey Mouse pompom beanie here  or a Cat Ears Cap here 

* Style Tip – Pompoms are always a good idea … there endeth the lesson xx


2.  Jump into Denim





Such great off duty style !

The denim jumpsuit / boiler suit is one of those trends that people think is really really risky but all you have to do is find the right one for you like Emma has – how amazing does she look in this one ? Paired with leopard print ankle boots she looks cool and comfy. What a brilliant combo.

Inspired by Emma ? No wonder – she has great style – follow her for great buys and inspo.

Check out this Asos jumpsuit here 

* Style Tip – Not sure How to Rock a Jumpsuit for you – check out my blogpost with 7 Reasons to wear one and tips and tricks on how to find the right one here .


3.   Tartan Two Step 








Cate said in this post she was stepping out of her comfort zone by opting for more colour and pattern and she nails it  – plus this tartan skirt (which I happened to buy the same day .. zeitgeist twinning !!)  needs no ironing :) and is so warm and cosy yet utterly styled to perfection here. Love the school grey socks and sandals too … nice touch rebel x

* Style Tip – Follow Cate – not just because she is a friend, good human and hilarious company she is such a great source of inspiration for women of all ages wanting to remain youthful, stylish and fun. Love this lady hard. Your style evolution will thank me for it x



4.  Bold and Badass 





Love Janis’ attitude to style and the way she styles her outfits – she has a chameleon quality and can look very different in each post.  Although her wardrobe has a lot of black she has a keen eye for adding pop of colour, bold stripe or gothic floral to add drama and attitude. Whether it is beanie lo- fi leather, just jeans, biker boots and a coatigan or dressed up for an event – Janis’ style snaps captures her essence of – as Iris Apfel says – wearing something that says “Here I am” .. and she is unapologetically her. So glad you’re here.

More please Janis x so inspiring !


* Style Tip – Want to be more daring hairwise – take a leaf out of Janis’ book and go for an asymmetrical pixie cut or bob adds a wee bit of edge to your haircut and makes a stylish and bold statement.


5.   Pale and Interesting





A felt Fedora and hat in general is a fantastic way to make a style statement on these wintry days.  I particularly love  that Michelle has opted for a grey felt Fedora rather than the usual safe choice of black – this is so amazing with her colouring and makes a great style statement coupled with the bold pastel scarf. Such a great colour combo and so simple yet added with the leather jacket – this is a stylish and well put together look.

Michelle’s is from The Hattery in Katoomba, but here is a grey Catarzi version here on sale half price 

* Style Tip – If you are not sure you can wear a Fedora or Akubra – try on lots of different styles  – with varying brims etc – a good excuse to check out quality hatters like Strand Hatters . .. usually you need a bit of hair showing to make it really work. If like me you have shorter hair or a small face try other stylish hat styles  like baker boy, pompom beanies, berets etc to make sure the hat is not wearing you.


Thank you all

There were so many incredible looks – Please keep posting so I can highlight more next week – plus as always I will roundup the theme tomorrow – June is all about Colour and layers –

Style is timeless and so is the streetstyle roundup so if you were not featured this week does not mean your look won’t be highlighted.

Whatever age, shape, size, style you are join in #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle x

Check #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle on Instagram for your own personal real streetstyle favourites.

Please email me or direct message me with any suggestions, thoughts or feedback to make this community work better for you. xx

Thanks for joining in – once again I have been inspired so much this week by everyone’s creativity.

Lots of Love

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