How to: Wear and Layer Colour with this week’s #realstreetstyle stars

Written by Sally

With over 1500 posts so far  in I am so happy I decided to start #realstreetstyle and #SpotMyStyle a few short weeks ago.

Why ?

Well I wanted to create a global style inspo community highlighting women of all ages and sizes who show style, creativity, individuality and a bit of flair on the real streets of the world – not just the cool fashion bloggers but the mums, aunties, grandmas and women at work, walking the dog, heading out to errands all relatable all expressing their uniqueness and personalities – inspiring other women to break out and do the same.

So many people joining each week and welcome . Thank you for joining in but I also feel it might be timely to just clarify a couple of things to try and maintain the vibe as it were.

  1. #SpotMyStyle and #realstreetstyle  is a global community started by myself for individuals worldwide to share their Personal Style outfits and to highlight great style from Manchester to Massachusetts and everywhere in between no matter their age, ethnicity, shape or style.
  2. Feel free to hashtag #SpotMyStyle and #realstreetstyle on past or current Personal Style or outfit flatlay posts that either a) plays along with the theme (this month is Colour & Layers) or b)  just simply show off your own individuality – you do not need to be “on theme” to tag your posts. Northern Hemisphere folk definitely do # your winter and autumn posts even if they are past as they are great inspo for us heading into winter.
  3. Thank you for respecting this community – it is not the place for businesses or individuals to flood the feed tagging all their posts #realstreetstyle and #SpotMyStyle purely to self promote or push their feed, products, services or blog posts. It’s just rude, self-serving & totally uncool to twist a good, positive, naturally fun organic thing into your latest marketing strategy to get more followers or likes and ruin it for everyone … yawn..yawn.. we all know those Taker Types.

Anyway.. every week I choose 5 of my favourite #realstreetstyle icons who are expressing themselves  and living out a few of my 2016 Personal Styling client mantras of which Live your Life in Full Colour  is one plus as it is the last couple of weeks of June’s theme I noticed these ladies were really working the colour & layers so well whether their style was classic, chic with a twist or had a real fashion forward flavour.

Here is what I am loving from the #SpotMyStyle real streetstyle community this week.

#SpotMyStyle My Top 5 this week

Real StreetStyle Roundup –  Colour Catchers

1. Leap of Fashion 





This is such a great, fun, colourful piece that Sam is wearing but also an incredibly stylish print and cut. It is very flattering and can easily transition between the seasons and events. Love the pairing with the black tux.

I also bought this jumpsuit for a creative client of mine who was heading off on a business trip and needed some clothes that could transition between event evening cocktail and daywear –  so just to check sizing I tried it on and almost ended up heading out with it myself !

What I love about Sam is she is not afraid to try new things and because of that the results are awesome. Check out Sam’s feed for some inspiration – her cool #thrifted #vintage #opshop outfit after heeding my call last week and she also bought a sequin turtleneck after seeing it on me – I do find taking pictures of myself and sharing them rather weird and not really my scene but when I see that it inspires others to go “oh I love that and if she is wearing it maybe I could wear that” it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) ..  I also love the way she styled hers  click here for that sequin post .

Want some help working out what jumpsuit will work for you ? – Read this post for style tips and tricks

Buy this jumpsuit at H&M (current) 

* Style Tip – Layer a black turtleneck under this for winter action and add a black leather bomber jacket – or try the cool T-shirt under trend – because of its cute camistraps top.  Add killer heels some great statement jewelry or choker and a metallic belt and wear it nighttime – then come summer add denim and sandals for holiday ease.


2.  Sophisticated Petite Pop





Inna is a petite blogger from Zurich, Switzerland heading into summer and I am loving her summer looks so much (especially her lace dress post – !!! ) but this one popped out at me because so many people feel that they love the sophistication of neutrals and minimalist black and feel that colour doesn’t fit in with that look. What Inna shows is all black with a pop of bright colour is utterly haute and so chic. Love the on trend round toe block heels – so great.

Love Inna’s feed for the great European architecture too.. how inspiring to be surrounded by that everyday.

* Style Tip – Make your outfit look more expensive by choosing high quality accessories as Inna has – the block heels, handbag and fedora all feel high end and give the outfit another level of chic. Plus emerald green and other “jewel” colours are great on brunettes with similar colouring – they really pop and make your features stand out. Notice how Inna has contrasted the hot pink on her nails.



3.   Haute Grunge 





Love this shot of Marina’s although I could do an entire blog dedicated to Marina’s daily outfits – so much clever layering of neutrals and pastels – she is the Queen of the Fedora and scarf – so many amazing different outfits and great inspiration, but what I love about this outfit is that by pairing a simple plaid lumberjack shirt & ripped jeans combo with ladylike cute coloured flats and an updo – she has created a striking and very chic casual outfit.

* Style Tip – Follow Marina  for great outfits, flowers and fedoras and incredibly chic neutral layering – so much style.


4.  Pastel Party 





I have highlighted my dear friend @Mummaaintmumsy before in my fabulous 5 but #sorrynotsorry – she nails layering these pastels and this could inspire so many people to try this out.

Where do I start ?

The palette is such pastel gelato gorgeousness .. so fresh and fun – notice the play of different tones and colours with a pop of turquoise in the earrings too .. there is nothing overworked or too considered here which is the key to instant effortless style.

Pleated skirts  – so bang on trend – other people in the #realstreetstyle #SpotMyStyle community that are rocking them well include @katehiscox – see her here – @individualstyle101 in a metallic midi version @funkyforty also is rocking a maxi one and @nevereverpayretail looks unreal in her #thrifted cream version  similar – click to buy one similar to Sarah’s above here .

If like me you are short waisted and are blessed with wider hips these small waistband versions abound are not that flattering … never mind .. I just live vicariously :)

Love the perforated peep toe boots  by Nude – check out these other grey Nude boots 

or these perforated ones here 

* Style Tip – A great way to play with cropped knits in a cool way by layering over long shirts  – check out @Mummaaintmumsy for her effortless everyday styling and layering – think a Mum can’t layer a cami over a T-shirt and make it work ? .. wrong .. she nails it.


5.   Poncho & Studs Perfection





Donna is new to the community from the UK and has an amazing feed – check it out because she does a flatlay sneak peek of what she is going to be wearing then does a style post every day – great inspo for so many women. I didn’t realise this was  a repost from her autumn wardrobe but loved it to highlight this week – the colours and layers just so beautifully done.

A poncho is so great as a layering piece and I already highlighted @Janijans cool vintage one a few weeks ago when I was talking about stripes but this racing green one from Kettlewellcolours is very chic and simple. Add the colour pop with the contrast of the smart white shirt peeking out, coated black jeans and cool Toga studded suede boots just gives this outfit its real flair. Love it !

Buy the TOGA boots here from Farfetch

* Style Tip – styling a simple chic statement colour piece with accessories that have an edgier vibe adds a whole n’other level and twist.



Thank you all

There were so many incredible looks – Please keep posting so I can highlight more next week – plus as always I will roundup everyone tonight  – June is still all about Colour and layers -but keep tagging.

Style is timeless and so is the streetstyle roundup so if you were not featured this week does not mean your look won’t be highlighted.

Whatever age, shape, size, style you are join in #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle x

Check #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle on Instagram for your own personal real streetstyle favourites.

Please email me or direct message me with any suggestions, thoughts or feedback to make this community work better for you. xx

Thanks for joining in – once again I have been inspired so much this week by everyone’s creativity.

Lots of Love

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