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This is the first guest blog I have had on

I wanted to include some great women I know and meet who can inspire and help other women who read this blog. Katische is a beautiful Mama I have met at school with my children and she is multi-talented and works to inspire others to Nourish, Celebrate and Explore through her work as a essential oils practitioner, photographer and travel writer. When one of my daughters was ill she kindly offered to create a special blend which helped her through the virus without us having to head to hospital. I asked her to write a post about whatever she wanted – and she did. I didn’t ask her to mention me .. but I will send her the cheque later ;) x Sally




Have you stopped and thought about the number one feeling that you express when talking about your life?

Are you







Why not take the time to design a life that makes you FEEL differently?













The decision to feel a certain way is your choice.

We need to feel our way into our desired reality rather than accept the status quo.

The truth is, we all think too much.  We let our mind make all the important decisions, rather than feeling our way through life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn to trust our gut; the source of our intuition?

Intuitively, we know what feels right. We know we should be making decisions based upon the feeling that the result will produce in our life.






So we should ask ourselves- will it make us feel more alive, excited, inspired, radiant and powerful?

If not, then we need to learn to say no.

When we learn to become in tune with our feelings, then we can live an inspired life, based upon choices that uplift and empower us.

This can translate into eating what makes us feel nourished, living in surroundings where we feel “at home”, and taking time to regularly nurture ourselves so that we “feel good”.






We can purchase only those products and services that are not only functional, and aesthetically pleasing, but which lead to the lives of the producers being enhanced and fairly compensated for, so that they too can feel good about their occupation, and their talents.

This is one of the aspects about Sally that I love the most. She encourages women to feel inspired, happy, playful and joyful about the clothes that we wear.  She’s also helping pave the way for women to think more sustainably and ethically about their clothing choices.

She wants us to feel better about simple tasks which many of us hate – shopping for clothes & dressing ourselves.

I look forward to being more adventurous with my clothing so that I dress the way that I want to feel.  For me, that’s empowered, sexy, loved and nourished.

What do you want to feel?








A Bit About Guest Blogger – Katische Haberfield 











Katische is a writer and photographer who captures the beauty of the natural world. She believes in using mindfulness, mediation, tapping, hypnotherapy and laughter yoga to create changes in mindset and feelings. She nourishes herself and her family with essential oils, and fills her walls with her art to remind her of the feelings of freedom that travel brings her.

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Writer and Photographer

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