As we near the end of the second month of #realstreetstyle and #SpotMyStyle I am so thankful to everyone involved who tags their personal style photos every day or even just once a week – whatever their age, size or shape and wherever they are  – the real streets .. in a suburb near you because there are stylish women of all ages everywhere and they are invisible on Pinterest and social media – not anymore – be inspired by relatable women of all ages and stages.

Every week I choose 5 of my favourite #realstreetstyle icons who are expressing themselves  and living out a few of my 2016 Personal Styling client mantras. Then I round-up everyone in the community who is catching my eye but it is getting harder to fit all you legends into the 60sec music xx So much gratitude.

Dare More, Care Less – don’t worry what anyone will say or think – wear something that makes you feel happy and alive. #daremorecareless

Individuality is always on trend – you don’t need to be buying new things to have style – show and express yourself no matter if you made it yourself, found it in an opshop, are in your 70s or have had the piece for decades. #individualityisalwaysontrend

Live your Life in Full Colour – don’t be afraid to add some colour sparkle and joy into your everyday clothes  – don’t wait for a special occasion to express your creativity. #liveyourlifeinfullcolour

Metallics are a Neutral – don’t save sequins for nighttime – get some sparkle into your everyday and don’t save them for that special occasion. #metallicsareaneutral

Some people love a theme and so every month there is one – June is nearly over .. but we have been loving Colour and Layers – so no excuses to join in xx

Why did I start #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle community  ?

I wanted to create a global style inspo community highlighting women of all ages and sizes who show style, creativity, individuality and a bit of flair on the real streets of the world. I didn’t want women just to be categorised by their age (Over30style or Advancedstyle or by their shape Plussize although these hashtags are amazing in their own right) because we can all be inspired by women of all shapes and sizes and ages not just our own. So by creating #SpotMyStyle i hope to create a one stop #hashtag for women who like a bit of individuality and flair to find some inspo to break out and try something new.

Here is what I am loving from the #SpotMyStyle real streetstyle community this week.

#SpotMyStyle My Top 5 this week

Real StreetStyle Roundup – Creative Flair


1.Bubblegum, Blooms & Denim 





Where do I start with the love for this fun colourful layered outfit – the bubblegum pink coat, the chic silk square casually knotted the pop of fuchsia at the sleeves and the leopard print chelsea boots.

Such proof that just because you are in  jeans and flats  you can still make an incredible style statement in every single piece that you wear – and this statement is as blooming lovely as the flowers behind her.  Follow bar_beey – so many different looks and such inspiration on how to pull them off.

Buy a Vintage bubblegum pink coat here  (keep an eye on sites like Asos and Topshop)

Buy leopard print chelsea boots here at Trenery on sale 

Style Tip: Check out opshops and etsy for silk square scarves – or make sure like I did that when your Grandmother died you asked to inherit all of hers. I get so much pleasure out of wearing ones I remember her wearing with her wee Chanel tweed jacket and pearls.


2. Chic Tweed 







Lauren nails that classic chic look that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris or Manhattan – so many of my clients love me to help recreate this look and no wonder. Lauren nails the bouclé jacket, jeans and ballet flats combo with utter ease,  probably because as well as picking pieces that fit her body perfectly she has invested in some heavy hitters – Chanel, Gucci and Pretty Ballerinas – which give the outfit the haute luxury feel finished off wiht a great sharp haircut.

Check out Lauren’s feed for more inspo especially racewear and if you are in Brisbane do yourself a favour and check out her boutique.

Buy a Vintage Chanel suit here
or check out this Karl Lagerfeld boucle jacket  for $400 here

Buy Pretty Ballerinas here 


Style Tip : Notice how Lauren is clashing some texture and print in giving the outfit depth even though she keeps the palette simple – great to try out. 



3.  Black is the new Black 




IMG_0632 3



The gorgeous Mel from @searched_and_sourced is a favourite IG of mine – I am a bit stalkerish as I like everything she ever puts together –   such effortless style and so varied. I think it is probably because you can just tell she is joyful and that spark comes through whatever she is wearing. Love this casual play on lengths and layers and pops of clashing stripes and pattern – with the cool boots – such individuality and sense of self – utterly divine.

Follow her for knowledge about cool little boutiques and new labels.

Love her HuntKelly scarf (cool resort wear collabo between designer Paul Hunt and stylist and writer Kellie Alderman) – seen on a few stylish peeps about and a perfect statement scarf.

Buy a similar one here 



4.  Amped up Denim Maxi



IMG_0629 5


Perth Personal stylist, blogger  and contributor to the legendary Australian bargain blog I Heart Bargains knows a thing or two about putting a cool outfit together on a budget.  Love how she has styled her biker with the ontrend denim maxi  – the white plimsolls and the bunny bombs ( I am a big fan of these – head to Willko to buy some sustainable ones. Simple, stylish and elegant with an edge.

Buy a great denim maxi here  $119 from The Iconic

Buy some white Converse-esque plimsolls here for$20 – 

* Style Tip – Denim Maxis are everywhere at the moment – but for a sustainable option do what I did and DIY frayed and customised a thrifted and gifted one – there are heaps at school Trash n Treasures and opshops all over.


5.   Architectural Tulle & Brogues 




IMG_0628 5


Love Leanne’s take on monochrome dressing – she takes a statement fashion-forward Dogstar pinafore and  layers it with a classic white shirt,  adds in some tulle and patent brogues for good measure to create a totally unique look that is so sculptural and interesting, yet at the same time functional, wearable and utterly chic.

Check out Leanne’s feed for some truly creative inspiration – her strong sense of individuality and clever styling twists prove that black is never basic when you have an innate sense of flair.

Luckily for you Leanne is also a Personal Stylist – check her out if you need some one on one help to achieve your own individual look.

Many of Leanne’s pieces come from Dogstar – check them out here 

* Style Tip – styling an architectural edgier piece with simple chic separates makes the piece sing and really take centre stage.


Thank you all for your individuality and self expression.

Please keep posting so I can highlight more next week – plus as always I will roundup everyone tonight  – June is still all about Colour and Layers -but keep tagging.

Style is timeless and so is the streetstyle roundup so if you were not featured this week does not mean your look won’t be highlighted.

Whatever age, shape, size, style you are join in #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle x

Check #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle on Instagram for your own personal real streetstyle favourites.

Please email me or direct message me with any suggestions, thoughts or feedback to make this community work better for you. xx

Thanks for joining in – once again I have been inspired so much this week by everyone’s creativity.

Lots of Love

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