For the last 3 years at Christmas I have gone completely offline and unplug from phone, social media, text messages, computer – a wee time travel to 1998 as it were from Christmas Eve – until my wedding anniversary on Jan 10.


17 Days of full digital detox  

no Instagram

no Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter,

no blogging

no outfit posts

no flatlays

no sharing

no research

no online news surfing

no notifications

no text messages

no emails

no schedules

no alarms

no diaries

no watch

no phone calls

no distractions

no work on the computer

It is sheer bliss. 

Friends and family know that if they need to contact us they can contact the campsite’s or our emergency old school phone only prepaid mobile ( a new addition after last year when Ms 9 had a respiratory attack several hours away from the nearest hospital)

Most of my work and a lot of my life is on my mac and phone like so many of us – communicating – posting, blogging, speaking, emailing, writing- a lot of communication and screen time so I really love to Turn off & Tune in as it were on family holidays …

As a family we do try to minimise screen time in our daily lives – there is no TV time for the kids – Monday – Friday during school term and neither the kids nor my husband and I own iPads, game consoles or have games on our phones. But on our annual holiday TV is off the table for the entire time and this year I even took very few photos.

This is on arrival walking the 200m from tent to beach.


A Typical Day 

Dictated by the kids and kind of looked like this.

Timing is vague as no watches or phones – we lived by the light and the lifeguards arrival and departure times.

Ms 6 wakes up and wakes up the Man for early morning duck diving practice & swim in the big waves.

Ms 9 wakes &  heads to hammock with her book then when Ms 6 comes back heads off to do their morning scooter of the campsite – drop in on good friends – play a game of Top Trumps – make some new friends head back to make poached eggs or french toast supervised by me (around boiling water).

Breakfast all together as a family ( a rare occurrence) 

Ms 6 and Ms 9 help do washing up

we all head to beach 200m away – meet up with friends – boogie board together switching in with the Man and swim in the waves.

Wander to friend’s  – have a cup of coffee chat about the day ahead and plans for dinner 

Head back into ocean for another swim or boogyboard or surf school.

play frisbee 

sit in the hammock and read Snoopy cartoons to Ms 6 

Fix lunch and eat together 

paint and mix colours with Ms 6

Read the pile of magazines and couple of books I bought  and never had time or headspace to read.

Trip with the Dads over the rocks to Secret Beach and Trolls Caves (kids’s names)

Rockpool – hopping and shell searching with Ms 9 

Pop into the cafe onsite for an iced lolly (ice block)

Maybe walk to shops for supplies

Final scooter round the campsite before dark.

Get the kids into the showers and wash hair – put into plaits

More Top Trumps, Uno, while dinner is cooking

Stories and then bed.

Sitting looking at stars and chatting about dreams and hopes and fears with the Man over a glass of wine or taking it in turns to go to our friends spot and playing cards and laughing a lot.


So I am back home with salt washed out toner hair and I don’t care. What did I learn on reflection this time ?

Wearing : thrifted men’s Toucan shirt and Concrete Jellyfish Co Earrings Gee Oh Jellyfish earrings (check out this Brisbane brand run by two Mama sisters – they are a name to watch !)

25 Things I learned during my Digital Detox.


  1. Bubbles, glowsticks & sparklers really rock my world too.
  2. Watching a usually energiser bunny 9 yr old sit quietly for a couple of hours sewing and creating a felt fox is a joy to behold.
  3. Black cockatoos & Australian birds in general make me very  happy.
  4. I can actually achieve a pretty good attempt at an Evan Rachel Wood inspired asymmetrical pixie haircut with play scissors you find in a christmas cracker on demand.
  5. There is nothing quite like a really good fish and chip shop after an 8 hr Christmas season drive.
  6. Boogie boarding with your kids is one of my favourite summer things to do.
  7. All I really need beauty wise is toothpaste, a lot of good sunscreen, body wash, hair conditioner some perfumed moisturiser, and a pair of hoops and a pop of lipstick to feel a bit spesh.
  8. Our kids and our family in general is pretty harmonious and enjoy each other’s company and my kids do not need wifi or TV or screens to entertain and inspire them.
  9. Kids performing their version of Matilda practiced with mates on holiday is the best.
  10. I really like card games especially  500.
  11. Doing things with my children as opposed to watching them do things is my bag.
  12. Backgammon is highly underrated.
  13. All that is needed to persuade a 9yr old to be a vegetarian is a half day spent in a petting zoo put on by a campsite.
  14. I am not cool enough or have a adult sophisticated enough palate for Negronis cocktails /aperitifs.
  15. A couple of strings of warm retro outdoor lights from Ikea can make a campsite pretty stylish and admiring comments.
  16. You are never too young or too old to learn how to surf.
  17. Nature is my homie.
  18. You can never have enough throw over cool cotton knee length summer kaftan/dresses.
  19. I need to learn the star constellations.
  20. Sourdough toasted on a camp toaster, avo, tomato, bocconcini & olive oil is a Breakfast of Champions.
  21. After over 22 years together – I am still surprised by and enjoy hanging out with my funny, caring, intelligent & handsome husband.
  22. A day on the beach ended with an ice cream and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on a big screen under the stars is the formula for kids’ Best Day Ever status.
  23. Long sleeved swimsuits are the future… more please Sun-Soaked xx
  24. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I am so bloody grateful that I get to live the dream every single day.
  25. I am fulfilled with my life as it is with my loved ones around me  and very grateful that I know that technology & social media may be a business necessity but not required for my wellbeing or happiness.


Thinking of doing a digital detox yourself – read my 11 Reasons to do a Digital Detox  – Read here 

Now I feel refreshed – this week will all be about the objectives and vision for 2017.