I have been a bit GAGA over Gucci since their 2016 runway and although I am not a big designer covet type of gal I have decided to start a Gucci Bag fund – a wee jar where I am selling clothes and shoes I no longer wear to save up.

The girls – ms 9 and ms6 asked why I was saving up for the bag so I showed the girls pinterest and the loveliness of the embroidery and the sneakers etc.

The girls decided on the spur of the moment that they would make me a Gucci Schmucci pair of sneakers up cycling a pair of thrifted white ones and a plain white T-shirt so I don’t need to save up for them.

Plus Ms 6 felt the T-shirt would be enhanced wiht the addition of the unicorn and rainbow.

Scroll down for more.

I reckon they nailed it :)