7 Reasons Why Cool Culottes remain a Staple

Written by Sally

Culottes a go-go 

I love culottes for so many reasons but  when I started looking for culottes a few years ago the only places I could uncover them was in thrift stores, opshops & vintage stores.

Not now – they are everywhere and in every different length, pattern & fabric you can imagine.

Why I love them:

  • They have the glamour of a full skirt without the “watch out for a windy day” factor.
  • They are cool with heels as a sophisticated trouser option for nighttime.
  • They can be styled for the office (see pics below) – with silk shirt.
  • You can do the parklife thing with kids and if you choose a pair in silk, cotton or linen they are practical and cool in heat with flats, thongs and still look stylish.
  • A black pair can become as “go-to” as a LBD.
  • They are transeasonal and versatile.
  • They can be as fashion forward as you want  – depending on accessories or shoes (the longer they are the harder they are to wear)


I could go on and on and on.

They are a great investment for all areas of your life.


How I am styling Culottes this summer for work 


H&M culottes (2016) Styled with: horse print T-shirt, sleeveless tailored vest, pompom chain and slip on patent clogs (nothing current)

H&M culottes (2016) Styled with: Star Wars T-shirt, white linen tux blazer, pompom chain and slip on black patent & gold clogs (nothing current) 



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Places to Shop for CULOTTES: 

At the moment they are not “on trend” but keep a look out for this super style saver.

For Vintage culottes check your local Vinnies, Salvos, Endeavor Opshops (thriftshops), Ebay, Easy.

 Topshop culottes click here

Petite, Maternity and other (shorter) culotte options at ASOS click here

The Iconic culottes click here



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