Return of the Mac – Ex-Cyclone Debbie style

Written by Sally

Bit soggy in Brisbane – due to the “weather event” as they have been calling it on the media.

Rain brings out the Glasgow girl in me – blame it on years and years of dreich days and being completely drookit on hockey pitches, on bracing family walks, sprinting in and out of supermarkets.

We didn’t have to deal with the huge amount of damage suffered up north with Cyclone Debbie and personally we are grateful to have nothing to report here – our back garden that backs onto creek became a raging river for 24 hrs with the football pitches into ginormous swimming pool and unfortunately some cars lost to high flood water in the car park but nothing compared to those still dealing with the floods in some low lying parts of Brisbane and Logan, Northern NSW and Gold Coast.

After the kids being a bit stir crazy – today was all about keeping dry with a bit of weather and water humour thrown in for good measure with my “jellyfish” earrings, blue glasses” “dorothy’ inspired heels and trusty metallic mac that has kept me dry in many a downpour … like actually dry.

I invested in a mac when I became a mum – seriously this is now 10 years old … i realised the requirement when trying to wrangle cranky babies and antsy toddlers into car seats and many experiences of rain going down my neck… yuck.

So if I was going to be wearing one it might as well look good and fit my personal style. It has gotten great use and is still waterproof – thanks to annual Scotchguarding of the seams.

scroll down to see where you can get yourself one of these shiny babies too .. you will not regret it.





Outfit styling : Topshop Metallic Mac (10years old!), Old trusty  Dungarees , Star Wars musical theme song :) T-shirt (Target kids section 2 yrs ago), Rose Gold Choker, Asos Glitter fringed loafer heels (sold out).

Lipstick – Revlon – Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Temptation  – see here 

Hair – cut and coloured always by @EllieMayHair – based in Brisbane.

Want a mac with attitude – Rain Rain Eff right Off ! 

The best thing about Queensland is the lack of rain – but no-one told me that when it rains in Queensland it is bordering on national emergency .. that is definitely something I have got used to and an umbrella isn’t going to cut the mustard… watch as it is whipped out of your hand and bumps down the road.

So if you like me are sick of everyone else staying dry and being completely soaked – whether it is on the sidelines of the soccer pitch, or on the school run, on your bush walks  or at some cool music festival (you complete bastard -I am jealous) then here are two wee macs that have a whole lot of attitude.


New Look Holographic




Vinyl Rain Mac (also in White)




Also check out my British pals Topshop, Boden, Marks & Spencer and Next.

Check out my Pinterest Board – Return of the Mac for styling’ outfits with rainmacs.

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