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Written by Sally

Today is International Women’s Day



I am big into supporting and shouting out all the Wonder Women  out there making change happen in their communities and beyond and some women and organisations are doing wonderful things.


Raising Women X The Fashion Craver 

When Emma Carr from The Fashion Craver asked me if I would fly the flag for this here in Australia and support the collaboration she was doing with Johanna from Raising Women – I said “hell yeah” of course.

But at this time bloody Australia Post has still not come up with the goods so you might get your T-shirt before me. :(

I am all about raising other women up and waving flags from the sidelines at other’s successes and helping other women feel better about themselves, see their inner sparkle and help them become their inner cheerleaders so the sisterhood is right up my alley.

Show your support for the SISTERHOOD & buy some fashion with feels.

This is a *LIMITED EDITION unisex style T-shirt, created for International Women’s Day 2017



*The T-shirt will be available to order until 31st March 2017.

£5 ($8AUD) from every STRONGER TOGETHER charitee goes to Look Good. Feel Better

The T-Shirt is 100% cotton.

Designed and printed in Portugal
Colours : Black with white print (front and back)

Size S,M,L
Free shipping worldwide.

$42 AUD approx



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