STEELEMyStyle loves.. Kenzie Collective X Mel Thurley collabo

Written by Sally

Having a yellow submarine meets Octonauts and the Giant Squid moment in my 70s round sunglasses and the new Squidtopia dangle earrings from Kenzie Collective X Mel Thurley collaboration- out March 19 aka tomorrow.

Set your alarm for 7pm AEST and swim fast and true because these babies sold out so fast last time – I missed out – it was a feeding frenzy of the David Attenburgh Blue Planet kind.

Check out all the cool colour ways available below …. ( * add sigh, gasps, ooh and ahh sound effects here)

Cool Aussie creatives doing some cool stuff  – love your work ladies and love supporting Australian brands and labels and introducing my Aussie followers to cool UK and European labels I know and love.






Make sure to check them out tomorrow – Squidtastic Squidtopia 

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