Memory Backup – Bondi Sunrise

Written by Sally

Took a moment today while my mac was backing up to have a bit of a brain snack as my 6 yr old calls it and a sneaky read of my new book from Zadie Smith.

I am a big candle lover and lit a new candle that kindly arrived from the Sydney Fragrance company who found out I lived there for 11 years.

As soon as the Sunrise candle was lit – this scent,  inspired by Bondi’s sunrise evoked such happy strong memories of our time spent there.


Pic: Screensaver – Aquabumps print available – click here , Oscar Wylee Bronte glasses 


Indeed our entire Australian story started in Bondi 20 years ago, back in 1996,  and like a film script we lived on Ocean Street between Bondi & Tamarama and on day 1,  I walked in and got a job at the Memento Café in Bronte.

After a few mornings of  running the coastal walk to North Bondi, past the iconic Icebergs with a quick dip in the rock pools at Bronte before work, I faxed The Man – my then fiancé on Koh Tao in Thailand finishing his Rescue Diver certificate saying simply.

“I have found our forever home  – will work out the details later :) “.

We spent the next 4 years jumping through administrational hoops and emigrated to our dream life in Sydney 2001. This then not only changed our life but the lives of my brother and his family and my parents who all emigrated out based on my enthusiasm for the Lucky Country… Tourism Australia .. Ambassador gig ;)

After living in Surry Hills and Maroubra we ended up back at Bondi when I was pregnant with Ms 9 in 2006.

I remember the first year with the (in our case) frequent night-time feeds, fuelled with binge watching of The West Wing.

I used to love watching the sunrise come up  over the water from our apartment windows.





If Ms 9 wouldn’t settle I would just head down solo to the beach knowing that  it was full of yoga lovers, surfers, soft sand runners and early dog walkers.

Despite the new mama blur – my Bondi solo sunrise walks are still one of my favourite memories of our 11 years in Sydney.

As she got older we would all go for a sunrise family walk and have breakfast on the way. Now, based in Brisbane, as a Mama of two and our Sydneysider girl is about to hit double digits, I can’t believe how strong those memories are and how much has changed.




But no matter how much has changed with the hipsters and the matcha cafés, whenever I am in Sydney for work and stay at the QT, I realise the sunrise at Bondi remains the same and still fills me with hope and happiness for the potential of the day ahead.

Thank you Sydney Fragrance company – as my mac backs up its memory – your gorgeous scent is doing just that for me too.

Such a thoughtful gift for anyone – whether they have already experienced Sydney or it is their dream destination like it was ours.




Inspired by Bondi Sunrise

Lime zest, driftwood, coconut




handmade in Australia



Check out their range at











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