STEELEMyStyle loves … Sarah Hickey Kimonos

Written by Sally

I often talk about #curatedontconsume and what better way than to combine your love of art and fashion.

Why don’t you invest (or put on your present wishlist) an extraordinary silk Kimono by artist Sarah Hickey.

These limited edition wearable art pieces are truly swoonworthy.

Artist Sarah Hickey says ” I have always loved fashion’s ability to transform and transcend.  At its best, fashion is an expression of who we are, what we stand for, and who we want to be. For me creating a range of wearable art pieces was the next logical step. Like my art, they celebrate and embody the beauty of the divine femme.”

These stunning silk robes are the perfect piece to celebrate your inner goddess – wherever you may be … dinner, a party, theatre or as Sarah suggests…” simply while swanning around the house, queen of your own domain.

My favourite unsurprisingly is “The Iconoclast” inspired  by famous American actress Louise Brooks, which “celebrates the woman who challenges the establishment and popular thought. Rebellious, intelligent, unapologetic, empowered.” *micdrop

Feast your eyes on these & add to cart here  quickstix  !



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