In my fantasy, I am wealthy enough to have someone cook whatever food I feel like at the time – chef on hand  – back in the day pre-kids in Sydney my assistant would just buy something from one of the amazing eateries around us in Surry Hills and hand it to me. That was pretty good too.

Since I downsized the business to help care for my folks and moved city to Brisbane, I work from home ,am out at clients’ wardrobes, at meetings with corporate branding / styling/ marketing & comms clients and lunch is often on the run or drops out because of school pickups at 3pm.

If truth be known – I make a green smoothie and late breakfast a home non negotiable because if I am working on content or a proposal I can easily get lost in the moment and be woken up out of the work zone by the “pick up kids now or they will be the last ones standing” alarm… and have not eaten.

Prepare in advance … yeah I know .. I have bouts of making lunch for myself but I get bored easily.. unlike my husband who has the same thing day in, day out.

So when the lovely peeps at Youfoodz asked me if I wanted to try out their new YF Summer Menu I was totally up for it.

I explained that I would have to be really honest because I love food, as do our family and so we are not easily pleased.

But this experience was forkin’ fantastic.

First day i grabbed the Green Juice and the Gone Nuts Savoury Mix pack for school pickups.. No hangry mama was like mum catnip (wasabi peas, toasted coconut and smoked almonds ) and I was totally living the dream in the school pickup queue.



However, I had two grumpy “how come you didn’t bring us something?” kids so next time they were in After School Care until 530pm and invariably super duper cranky  I brought them the Choc Protein Donuts … and allowed them to have them in the car home… stop the bus … yes totally throwing all caution to the wind. The kids glanced at each other like “did you hear what I heard” … and then proceeded to inhale said donuts.

NOTE* I have been sugar free for 4 yrs … the aftermath of a donut no matter how healthy would have not been a pretty sight.

Early morning shoot (- where if I grab a coffee prior I am winning) was taken to the next level with their Bangin’ Brekky Wrap and Orange Juice .. meaning models, hair and makeup and photographer all got the best “yummy in my tummy” happy stylist on set.



Then next day I noticed my husband had pinched the Stacked Omelette for his own work breakfast .. upgrading hugely from his usual yoghurt, fruit and muesli. When I took him to task  he was like ” I thought it was for us all… it is called youfoodz babe not myfoodz” um grrr…

Highlight might have been Friday night when it is usually a schmozzle of pickups dropoffs between 4 – 830pm and I suggested a YouFoodz Pick and Mix night and everyone just picked out what they want from the meals left Ms 10 and The Man went for the Satay Chicken, Ms 7 the Turkey Rissoles and I nabbed the Macadamia Crusted Fish and Rice  ….everyone ate when they were hungry post, pre ativities and  I had an early mark from mum in the kitchen duties with a wee Aperol Spritz !! #workingmumwin #CookLessLiveMore :)

All in all – it was brilliant and I think I could easily eat the Minted Lamb & Feta Salad every day at my desk… maybe swapped in with the Clean Lean Chicken and Beans Salad.. leaving me free time to get on with planning our European 6wk holiday in just 125 days ….

#DoYoufoodz ? If not and you want to try there is a limited discount code on offer until 11 FEB

Head to this link and type in SUMMERTIME at the checkout for 2 FREE meals in your first order.

Enjoy xx



YF Summer Menu includes

  • Bangin’s Brekky Wrap
  • Stacked Brekky Omelette
  • Satay Chicken
  • Minted Lamb and Feta Salad
  • Clean Lean Chicken & Beans
  • Macadamia Crusted Fish and Rice
  • Pumpkin and Walnut Gnocchi
  • Tasty Turkey Rissoles
  • Gone Nuts Savoury Mix
  • Choc Protein Doughnut
  • The Real OJ
  • Green Machine
  • Black Magic


This was a Sponsored post for IG but I loved it so much and found it so blooming useful during the crazy working week especially and saved me time so I could cook less I wanted to blog about it here too. #YouFoodzPartner