Tomorrow I turn 44.

It staggers me sometimes.

Not because I hate getting older or want to stay young – in fact I like getting older – even in terms of how I look. I find it interesting.

But when I say the number outloud it doesn’t make sense.

How can I still not feel like a grown-up when I am by society’s standards classed as middle-aged ?

When I asked my incredible 70 yr old stylish & spritely Mama whether she feels 70 – she said

“No darling I really feel no different inside than I did when I was young.
I just physically can’t do all the things I want to still do”




Often with age comes fear. I definitely feel more fear than I used to and I am committed everyday to trying to face it, feel it and do whatever the fuck I was going to anyway.


One place I have never been fearful is in what I wear.


I couldn’t give a toss what anyone else thinks about what I choose to wear. If it makes me feel good and I love it, I wear it.

So I love that in my work as a Personal Style mentor with clients I can help men and women who are fearful in expressing themselves in how to dress. Often it is because they have just lost their way a bit and forgotten about what they like in the general mêlée of family and kids.

They learn quickly that I am their trusted style confidante – their shopping fairy and self-love cheerleader all rolled into one. 

This lack of confidence – particularly in women, is not helped by society, which tells women that youth is king and as you get older become invisible and silent. Often people feel they are too old to dress a certain way but I help them to realise it is all a state of mind, taking chances, daring and being playful in their clothes is something anyone at any age can do and you will be happier for it.


We do not stop playing because we get old –
we get old because we stop playing.


It seems simple when you put it like that but it is true.

I mean, I still like things I loved when I was a really young kid bubbles, balloons, splashing in puddles, see-saws, scooters, lego, Snoopy, puppet shows, Calvin & Hobbes and dress-ups of course.  I still like to turn the music up loud in the car and sing along or dance around the kitchen to Ella Fitzgerald with my husband whilst making dinner, or have an impromptu water fight with the kids.

I also still like to wear clothes that are fun and make me happy and make me feel however I want to feel that day.

I am inspired everyday by the cool women I am surrounded by – my clients, my family, friends, colleagues, my friends’ children and my children who face fear and just go for it.

This year I want to do some things I have been afraid of for a long time.

This year my birthday wish is for women like me –

here is to the next 44 years of being a bit wilder.

Telling fear to fuck off, after all it’s just a hologram.

Here are some gorgeous women from designers, producers, architects characters, entrepreneurs, writers, politicians, comedians, actors, artists & activists and random cool Cuban ladies on the street who inspire me with their achievements, drive, fun, fearlessness and wisdom.

























30 ROCK -- Pictured: Tina Fey as Liz Lemon -- NBC Photo: Mary Ellen Mathews













Sally Steele, is the lady behind  STEELEMyStyle and  is a Personal Stylist, Shopper, Wardrobe Consultant, Style Mentor & Branding specialist now based in Brisbane with Clients all over Australia.

She is in her 40s, has two little kids and helps others find their inner style & love the life they are leading.

She lives a real life  and knows how to navigate the challenges we face be it from stress, grief, overwork or just the everyday working Mama juggle in style & with a good dose of humour.



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