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Before kids, aka a decade ago, I regularly did one on one pilates reformer and cadillac  at the studio opposite my office in Surry Hills – it is probably the only exercise apart from Zumba that doesn’t bore me to tears. The resulting core strength is definitely a factor in my having a great natural birth first time around – I was at the pilates the day before I gave birth at 37 wks !

Anyway fast forward a decade.. yes i know (eek) and I am 47,  just hit menopause and although I am happy and content in my body as it looks, I know I don’t exercise enough for my mental and physical wellbeing.

Being menopausal I really want to stave off osteoporsis and build muscle.Plus a nasty car crash in 1991 and spending a decade hunched over computers has made me a bit lopsided and every physio or remedial masseur has said you really need to put less stress on your joints and built up your core and straighten all of this up.

So when Studio Pilates got in touch and asked me to try out their reformer pilates classes at  my local  Toowong studio I said yes please !  They have studios all over Australia with more opening in UK, France, NZ – check out their website for your closest one

If you haven’t done Reformer Pilates yet, here is a wee breakdown.

It is done using a reformer machine that kind of looks like a rack from the Middle Ages.

However, this sliding carriage complete with straps, springs will become your BFF in no time along with your sticky socks.

What I really love about Studio Pilates is that every program starts with an Orientation class which talks you through all the unfamiliar pieces of equipment and how they are used. It also includes your first class where you are introduced to the basics.


Smilates – that post pilates feeling !

Reasons I really love Studio Pilates Toowong and why it stands out from pilates I have done in the past

  • The Orientation class really makes you familiar with the equipment.
  • At the beginning of each class the instructors  ask everyone how their body is feeling that day and adjusts each exercise accordingly as opposed to having to seek them out and mentioning it.
  • The workout is definitely challenging but so rewarding.
  • The TV screens are super helpful and it also frees up the instructors to move around and adjust each individuals form form
  • The music and the pace makes it a fun, high energy workout.
  • Classes are a good size at 12
  • The instructors are not only motivating they give great insights and additional advice for each exercise.
  • The free app booking means I can plan my working mum schedule and book well in advance without paying extra so I can fit it into each individual day’s schedule with just a 12 hr cancellation policy.
  • Where else are you workout out under a chandelier !
For those that love before and afters here are mine .. no filter or altering just my 47 year old body in underwear outside against a brick wall where the light was pretty equal.What I notice in just a month of going 2/3 times a week without any other changes to my lifestyle is way more alignment in my body, better posture, noticeable increase in muscle strength and a more “compact” feeling – definitely a couple of inches here and there and more overall feeling of wellbeing.

I know that if I joined in their amazing quarterly 30 Day Challenge (pilates every day for 30 days with  healthy meal schedule) I would definitely notice an accelerated change.

Want to book a class at Toowong – click here For a studio near from Takapuna to Hong Kong  head to the website 

Who knows I might even be able to crack some walnuts with these buns one day !

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