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DIY Trend Hack Life Shopping Style


I have been a bit GAGA over Gucci since their 2016 runway and although I am not a big designer covet type of gal I have decided to start a Gucci Bag fund – a wee jar where I am selling clothes and shoes I no longer wear to save up. The girls – ms …

DIY Trend Hack Life Shopping Style

DIY – Pompom Christmas Wreath

Love Christmas – big lover of it all. I have always wanted to do more Christmas craft – have never really had the time or energy. But when Ms 5 and Ms 8 got back from kindy/school last week I told them I could start dinner or we could make a Christmas wreath together. … …

DIY Trend Hack Life Shopping Style

DIY – Pompom leather sandals

I never met a pom pom I didn’t like .. So true. A few months ago I saw this picture on Pinterest of customised pom pom leather tie up gladiator sandals on Etsy made by clever lady Elina Linardaki. They are all made to order and pretty, happy, fun summer sandals.         …

Brand Community Shopping

STEELEMyStyle loves… Doodad and Fandango

It was a dreich, overcast Saturday in Brisbane – a rarity – bringing out the Glaswegian in me – but thanks to fresh hair by Brisbane hairdressing legend Ellie May Hair I  happily trotted off to be basketball sidelines to cheer on Ms 10. Berets are my beanies and it was a bit parky to …

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