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Sally Steele is director and owner of Strategic Marketing, Image & Brand Consultancy STEELEMyStyle providing services to  individuals, organisations, brands, small businesses , government and corporations.

With over 20 years in Strategic Marketing, Branding & Communications in the Film, TV, Entertainment Lifestyle industry Sally has unrivalled expertise and insight into maximising potential. Whether helping someone out of a style rut or completely rebranding an individual and their business Sally has the connections, strategic knowledge and ability to take clients and their projects to levels they had not even imagined possible.



A Glaswegian by birth, Sally Steele, the daughter of an ex-pat, spent most of her younger years living and travelling extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

After finishing her Masters at University of St Andrew and the Sorbonne, Paris, Sally initially worked as a Cultural Protocol Liaison in Japan for several years,  before returning to London and working in Market Analysis, Brand Direction and Trend Forecasting for  brands incl Evian, Calvin Klein & The Body Shop.

Sent to Australia in 1996 on a fact finding mission to write trend forecast reports on the Australia and New Zealand consumer markets she realised one thing – that she wanted to emigrate.

In order to qualify for the maximum points Sally returned to Scotland and did a Post Grad in Secondary School Education at Strathclyde University and a BA in German at University of Stirling  concurrently to be able to graduate in 1998 as the only teaching candidate offering  French, German & Japanese to secure a rare permanent teaching position. Gaining the necessary points to emigrate over 3 years teaching modern languages Sally emigrated to Australia in 2001.

On arrival in Australia in 2001, Sally took up the invitation to work with Troy Lum at Dendy Films in secondary marketing and then marketing, comms and publicity and continued to work with his new company Hopscotch (now eOneANZ) from its inception and is responsible for over 150 Film, TV strategic comms campaigns and coverage of some of the most seminal independent films of the last 15 years.

Sally has also worked in a strategic marketing & comms capacity with brands including The Sydney Film Festival, SBS, Samsung, Tag Heuer, James Squire, Van Heusen, 97.3FM, BBC Worldwide, Red Bull, Audi, APSA awards and National Geographic Channel.

Her extensive experience has led her to be called upon for a broad spectrum of consultancy services across Marketing & Communications, Sponsorship & Branding, Media & Social Media management, Celebrity Partnerships, Community Engagement & Strategic Government Stakeholder Relationships as well as speak at events for organisations and fundraisers such as Brisbane City Council, Wesley Breast Clinic, The Melanoma Institute of Australia, Sids and Kids, Design Institute of Australia, NIDA, Endeavour Foundation.

Since first moving to Brisbane 7 years ago, and the styling & branding arm of the business created to meet the needs of creating a business that was family-friendly  has evolved into Mindset Coaching, Authentic Branding and Personal Mentoring for women facing identity, career, branding, marketing & comms and business challenges.

In 2016 she set up her SpotMyStyle online community with the hashtags #SpotMyStyle & #realstreetstyle to help clients and women who connected with her through her online blog @STEELEMyStyle to celebrate individuality,  beauty diversity, ageless style, style creativity, sustainability and self expression. The now global community has passed 92k posts with women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities joining inand providing strong body diversity media messages for women everywhere.

A working mama  in her late forties with two kids, Sally is only too aware of the everyday reality of  “Life Jenga” but helps individuals, brands, entrepreneurs, events, businesses, audiences,  government agencies, cultivate self love,  change mindsets, maximise potential and make big ideas happen.

Sally lives in Brisbane, Australia with her 2 young daughters and husband of 20 years.

Dare More, Care Less is her first book and will be released in September 2018.




“Dare More – Care Less  ”  Sally Steele

Why I do what I do

With over 20 years experience in marketing, communications & branding, the essence of what I do is …maximise potential.

I have been working in the film, media & fashion industries for well over two decades and as a busy working mother over forty to two wee girls, I know all too well about the challenging reality of maintaining personal style and looking a bit more polished on a daily basis.

I really like people. And I get a wee buzz out of making someone happier. True – daggy to say outloud perhaps, but true.

But as I age I am bored, frustrated and want change.

Bored of media and companies telling women (and men) how they should think, dress, feel about themselves and behave.

Bored of slick glossy Instagram feeds that show perfectly stylish people leading dream lives.




Life is not perfect – Excuse my French but hey I am Glaswegian – Fuck Perfection.

I am not perfect but I am happy – with who I am – my family & friends – my body – my imperfect messy life.

So I like being a game-changer. Mix things up a bit

Which is why my business tagline is Dare More – Care Less

Dare More – Care Less ™

I don’t just help my clients choose killer clothes and curate a wardrobe that has a story and a real connection to who they are now.

I help them ditch the negative self talk,  learn how to understand their true value and know that they are enough and to enjoy the present – which is really all we have.

I help my clients love themselves a bit more for who they are now on the messy, gorgeous journey our lives really are.

Not in 10 kilos time.

Not if they got this injectable or got rid of that wrinkle.

Not if this bit or that bit was smaller, thinner, firmer, younger.

Not if they bought that cool dress, watch or designer bag.


Then I show them what they can look like on the outside and feel like on the inside if they wear clothes that fit, flatter and are fun.

I empower them to ignore the media messages they hear, reboot their mindset and change the way they think about themselves and how they express who they are.

Be their Bold Selves.

Many Personal Stylists out there focus on outdated rules,  80s colour charts and a list of current trends to try and fit you into their categories of what to wear, learnt from a 3 day Personal Styling crash course that comes with free bonus certificate and a cookie cutting set.

That is not who I am. 




There are 100’s of makeover shows,  How To guides  & body shape rules out there. Most TV morning  shows & Women’s magazines  are awash with regular from Drab to Fab type stories & we all gasp at the dramatic Before & Afters.

Anyone I know can trot out the stats about women on average wearing only 20% of their wardrobe  but for me






Style is not formulaic.

Style is as individual as one’s fingerprint. 

As well as being well versed and well-trained in how to flatter the countless diverse body shapes and proportions I’ve encountered in hands-on experience working with hundreds and hundreds of different men and women of all ages I am also a rebel.

Your Personal Style is the essence of your individuality communicated through your clothes. 

As a Stylist for the Individual I provide clients and followers with the knowledge, resources & guidance they need to discover their inner style, express their individuality, and feel confident in pulling together a  look effortlessly that flatters their own unique and wonderful body as it is right now for the lifestyle and budget of their current reality.

My clients are ordinary men and women who want to truly embrace their own style – keen to break out of the bland suburban Mum and Dad uniform and inject a bit of personality, polish and individuality to their look.

This is not just about how you dress, I get down to the core of how you feel about yourself, your life now and help you to move forward and unlock your true potential. I care about the person underneath and what is really going on.

I work from the inside out. A style mentor if you want. 

My own style is eclectic and fashion forward  –  Style is a form of expressing how I feel that day or inspired by the world around me.

I am all about happiness, self love, positivity, embracing who you are and making the most of what you have been given. I do not promote cosmetic surgery, botox, fillers or over-consumerism – I help clients really connect with what makes them happy and love what I do.

It is so easy to lose your Inner Style. I know. 




Children, Serious Illness, Stress, Grief, Overwork, Surgery, Divorce, Remarriage – even just the reality of our busy lives has an impact and can easily push Style to the back of the queue.

In the last 9 yrs, I have had my fair share of Style Challenges and have been completely demoralized. I was never high maintenance, but before kids I would spend about 45mins getting ready  – now like most parents or people caring for others, if I have a full uninterrupted 10 minutes to get myself together in the morning without vegemite fingers prompting an outfit change I punch the air Whoo- Whoo !

Despite the challenges I have realised  that I NEED to express a piece of myself in what I am wearing every.. single.. day. It doesn’t have to be much but the difference it makes is huge to my mindset, energy levels and mood.

But this is your journey not mine and I will help you love yourself a bit more, love your clothes a lot more and have confidence to dare and play more !

After all – it is only dress ups !

Style is being yourself on purpose.

It’s all about embracing and enjoying the person you are, the shape you’re in, the stage you’re at and the life you are leading at the moment.. with Style !

Whether it’s for you, your partner, mother, daughter, son, sister, wife, work colleague or friend.

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