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Sally Steele is director and owner of Style, Image and Brand Consultancy STEELEMyStyle providing services to everyday Men & Women, high profile individuals, organisations, brands, small businesses , government and corporations.

With over 20 years in Strategic Marketing, Branding & Communications in the Film, TV, Entertainment industry Sally has unrivalled expertise and insight into maximising individual potential. Whether helping someone out of a style rut or completely rebranding an individual and their business Sally has the connections, strategic knowledge and ability to take clients and their projects to levels they had not even imagined possible.





Businesses, Brands & Campaigns

With her background in Strategic Marketing, Branding & Communications, working with brands, companies, events, festivals coupled with her styling skills & her incredible Little Black Book of trusted photographers, graphic & web designers, Sally is able to take businesses and project manage a strategic campaign to completely rebrand individuals, corporate identities, websites, collateral etc.

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Your Best Asset is Your IndividualitySally Steele

My name is Sally Steele, and I run a rather unique mobile business as Style Mentor, Personal Shopper & Image Consultant in Brisbane. I also have clients in other Australian cities, as well as overseas.  I am also an Australian fashion, life & style blogger with a distinctive point of view, resulting from my colourful, well-travelled background and career experience.

A Glaswegian by birth, I studied French Literature at St Andrews University and the Sorbonne in Paris before spending as much time as possible in the fashion capitals of the world.  Since then, I’ve worked all over Europe, as well as Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, the Middle East, and Australia.

Before moving to Brisbane, I was the managing director of Gallus & Co, a Sydney Marketing & Communications agency. In that position, I worked with countless renowned celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Geena Davis, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Richard E Grant, Sam Worthington and Abbie Cornish. This invaluable backstage pass to the film, TV and fashion industries over the years means I know that the only difference between stars and everyday folk like us is a team making them look & feel good and a good dose of attitude – I know I can make anybody look like they belong on the A-list!





STEELEMyStyle mission statement

“Your Best Asset is Your Individuality”  Sally Steele


With my many years experience in marketing, communications & branding, the essence of what I do is  – maximise individual potential.

I have been working in the film, media & fashion industries for well over two decades and as a busy working mother over forty to two girls under 8 yrs old, I know all too well about the challenging reality of maintaining personal style and looking a bit more polished on a daily basis.

Many Personal Stylists out there focus on outdated rules,  80s colour charts and a list of current trends to try and fit you into their categories of what to wear, learnt from a Personal Styling crash course that comes with free bonus certificate and a cookie cutting set.

That is not who I am. 





There are 100’s of makeover shows,  How To guides  & body shape rules out there. Most TV morning  shows & Women’s magazines  are awash with regular from Drab to Fab type stories & we all gasp at the dramatic Before & Afters.

Anyone I know can trot out the stats about women on average wearing only 20% of their wardrobe  but for me –

Style is not formulaic.

Style is as individual as one’s fingerprint. 

Style and a love of fashion is in my blood. It is part of my genetic makeup.

As well as being well versed and well-trained in how to flatter the countless diverse body shapes and proportions I’ve encountered in hands-on experience working with hundreds and hundreds of different men and women of all ages  I am also an expert in Communications with over 20 years experience in the field, for individuals, brands, projects, events, corporations and government.

Your Personal Style is the essence of your individuality communicated through your clothes. 

As a Stylist for the Individual I provide clients and followers with the knowledge, resources & guidance they need to discover their inner style, express their individuality, and feel confident in pulling together a  look effortlessly that flatters their own unique and wonderful body as it is right now for the lifestyle and budget of their current reality.

My clients are ordinary men and women who want to truly embrace their own style – keen to break out of the bland suburban Mum and Dad uniform and inject a bit of personality, polish and individuality to their look.

This is not just about how you dress, I get down to the core of how you feel about yourself, your life now and help you to move forward and unlock your true potential. I care about the person underneath and what is really going on.

I work from the inside out. A style mentor if you want. 

My own style is eclectic and fashion forward  – I like to mix high-end Designer pieces & emerging foreign designers, with quality & fun UK and Australian high street and Vintage or thrift finds. Style is a form of expressing how I feel that day or inspired by the world around me.

I am all about happiness, self love, positivity, embracing who you are and making the most of what you have been given. I do not promote cosmetic surgery, botox, fillers or over-consumerism – I help clients really connect with what makes them happy and love what I do.

It is so easy to lose your Inner Style. I know. 

Children, Serious Illness, Stress, Grief, Overwork, Surgery, Divorce, Remarriage – even just the reality of our busy lives has an impact and can easily push Style to the back of the queue.

In the last 8 yrs, I have had my fair share of Style Challenges and have been completely demoralized.

My wardrobe has had to change because like many women I have found my lifestyle has completely altered (from Company Director to Mama-on-the-Run). No longer do I spend most of my time dressed to impress while out and about at client meetings, or in a killer frock & heels at an evening Film event or running the red carpet.

Nowadays, if I am not with clients styling & shopping, meeting with industry at evening events or at home working or writing the blog, I am a Mama-on-the-Run with my 2 little children – in parks, museums, at their dance and swimming classes or doing household chores while they play.

At first with #1 Bubs I asked myself  “How do I still feel like “Me” in maternity  and breastfeeding wear ?”

Throw in the Post-Baby #2  body changes for good measure & you have a major Style rethink.

But the biggest Style Challenge for me was &  often still is – “How on earth do I get out into the world with a shred of Style when  I am lucky if I get to have a shower in the morning- never mind anything else ?”

I was never high maintenance, but before kids I would spend about 45mins getting ready  – now like most parents or people caring for others, if I have a full uninterrupted 10 minutes to get myself together in the morning without vegemite fingers prompting an outfit change  I punch the air and give a Whoo- Whoo !

Despite all of that I have realised  that I NEED to express a piece of myself in what I am wearing every.. single.. day. It doesn’t have to be much but the difference it makes is huge.

It’s all about embracing and enjoying the person you are, the shape you’re in, the stage you’re at and the life you are leading at the moment.. with Style !

So at STEELEMyStyle I will help you find your Inner Style, and achieve the look you want – whether you want to top the glamour stakes, look sharp in classic tailoring, rock leopard print in your 60s,  completely transform your wardrobe  or like me just be a forty something Mama-on-the-Run with a bit more gloss, individuality & fun.

Whatever stage of life you are at – you can rock it in style !

Whether it’s for you, your partner, mother, daughter, son, sister, wife, work colleague or friend.

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Explore the STEELEMyStyle website via the menu above to read more about my background as a stylist, the services on offer, and the many happy clients I’ve had the privilege of styling.

I also write a personal fashion and style blog including real-life “what I am wearing” posts, trends, fashion news, and more- check out up-to-the-minute style and shopping tips via my Australian Life and Style blog.

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