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Welcome to STEELEMyStyle !

My name is Sally Steele, and I’m a mobile Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Consultant in Brisbane. I also have clients in other Australian cities, as well as overseas. I am also an Australian fashion, life & style blogger with a distinctive point of view, resulting from my colourful, varied & well-travelled background.

I have been working in the film & fashion industries for well over a decade. My career started at St Andrews University, during which I also spent as much time as possible in the fashion capitals of the world. Since then, I’ve worked all over Europe, as well as Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, the Middle East, and Australia, in a variety of roles. Most recently, I was the managing director of Gallus & Co, a Sydney publicity and marketing firm. In that position, I worked with famously stylish celebs including Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Geena Davis, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Richard E Grant, Sam Worthington and Abbie Cornish. This totally invaluable backstage pass to the film, TV and fashion industries over the years means I now know how to make anybody look like they belong on the A-list!

Now, as a busy mother to a five year old and a two year old, I know all too well about the challenging reality of maintaining personal style and looking a bit more polished on a daily basis. This is why I established STEELEMyStyle; to provide clients with the knowledge, resources & guidance they need to discover their inner style, express their individuality, and pull together a great look effortlessly.  I’m no label junkie or runway copycat; I am a stylist for the individual.

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STEELEMyStyle aims to answer all your style questions, and leave you with a wardrobe you can really work with every day. This can take a number of forms, depending on your availability, needs and budget. A personal shopping and style advice service can take the hassle out of traversing the high street, boutiques & malls. A wardrobe consultancy could help you achieve a versatile & exciting wardrobe with consistent rotation, containing gorgeous pieces you actually want to wear! A combined styling session will help you explore fashion options you never thought possible, whilst an event package is perfect for special group get-togethers. Browse via the services menu above to read more about what’s involved.

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I also write a personal fashion and style blog including real-life “what I am wearing” posts, trends, fashion news, and more- check out up-to-the-minute style and shopping tips via my Australian Life and Style blog- My Spot.

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About STEELEMyStyle



Although born in Glasgow, I was schooled in Scotland, France & Germany. My Uni years
were split between Paris & St. Andrews and I have spent most of my life living &
working overseas.

The amazing experiences I’ve had and the people I have met living & working in Europe,
Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, the Middle East & now Australia have all played their part
in developing my own personal style.

Even though I am a voracious reader of fashion magazines & a dedicated follower of what is happening on the Runway shows, I have never had the money, nor the inclination to be a
label junkie or a slave to trends.

I have also never had any desire to dress like anyone else… although I may have coveted
Sofia Coppola, Michelle Williams & Diane Kruger’s wardrobe at times.

I work on the Price Per Wear (PPW) philosophy employed by French & Italian women whenever I am splurging on big ticket items and it has always stood me in good stead, but I also don’t believe you NEED to spend a lot of money to have style. Far from it.

I have always been into sustainable fashion, by finding statement pieces in Vintage stores,
Garage sales, eBay, Charity & Op-Shops but more and more I try and show clients how to rework existing pieces and avoid too much fast fashion or adding to landfill & sweatshop scenarios.

My endless enthusiasm, excitement  & interest in Clothes & Fashion has been ongoing since childhood and along with Film, Food, Art, Good Design, Nature,Travel & Good Literature /
they provide constant inspiration in my everyday.

My Inner Style evolves and changes as I grow older – but one thing remains the same and that is
how I dress has always been about expressing my individuality, my personality and how I feel
that day.


The Birth of STEELEMyStyle


Five years ago in Sydney, I was happily focussed on growing my Film Publicity & Marketing business  GALLUS & CO & having my first child, when my Mother got diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

At the time, I was in that New Mama blur with a 3 wk old but within hours I was up in Brisbane by her side through her multiple surgeries & beyond.

A life-changing event in her life but a defining one in mine too.

Helping my mother through the many emotional, mental & physical challenges we all know Breast Cancer & resulting surgeries bring, made me realize how healing, on so many levels, a seemingly simple thing
of helping someone rediscover a love of clothes could be. I also realised how personally rewarding it was for me to help someone along the path of reconnecting with their Inner Style.


When I made the tough, emotional decision to give up my burgeoning business in Sydney
& move to Brisbane in late 2010 to be closer to family, it was a difficult one, but as a natural
optimist with a keen entrepreneurial spirit I used the night-time feeds with the new bubs
as thinking time.

Although it has taken way longer than I envisaged (however delusional I was with 2
little kids) I finally managed to launch the business before the bubs became a toddler !


Before STEELEMyStyle


During my 10 years experience in Film, TV & Event publicity & marketing and
as Company Director of GALLUS & CO, I dealt with Celebrities & Film & TV industry
luminaries from Australia and Overseas such as Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Geena Davis,
Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Richard E Grant, Sam Worthington & Abbie Cornish to name just a few and I know that anyone can look A-list !

All it takes is a a little know-how &  confidence !

GALLUS & CO  were responsible for over 80 National film release campaigns, countless
Red Carpet Premieres, Publicity Junkets, Film Festivals, Film & TV Award Nights,
Photo Shoots, On Set Publicity & Press Conferences.

During publicity campaigns, most of my time was spent on the road travelling with
high profile actors, actresses & directors doing interviews and photo shoots for
Australia’s mass media.

Through backstage experience in Green Rooms, on Film Sets & Photo Shoots I know
how normal, TV personalities, Film stars, Musicians & every Celebrity in between are …
before everyone in hair, make-up & wardrobe works their “magic” & the person turns
on their “star” quality.

Because of my deep personal love of Style & Fashion, I forged great links with those
in the Fashion & Retail Industry and as a sidebar to my job  introduced actors to
Australian brands & stores,  liaised with agents, actors & designers themselves,
sourced designer clothes for premieres and overseas junkets, styled shoots  as well as
shop for time-poor VIPs.

I have had a pretty rare &  invaluable backstage pass and know the inner workings and
styling of the Film, TV & Fashion industries that create the images of Style, Beauty &
Glamour we are presented with.

Celebrities and those in the public eye have exactly the same insecurities and Style Challenges
as ordinary folk.

Believe me.

The difference is we do not have a team of people behind the camera and beyond
helping to make us look & feel our best every ..single.. day.

Now you can and that is where STEELEMyStyle comes in.


About STEELEMyStyle

“Give someone a Makeover and they’ll look great for a day.
Teach them some Style & they’ll rock it forever Sally Steele


This quote really encapsulates what I am about here  at STEELEMyStyle.

There are 100′s of makeover shows,  How To guides  & body shape rules out there. Most TV morning  shows & Women’s magazines  are awash with regular from Drab to Fab type stories & we all gasp at the dramatic Before & Afters.

Anyone I know can trot out the stats about women on average wearing only 20% of their wardrobe  but for me -

Style is not formulaic.

Style is as individual as one’s fingerprint and my mission at STEELEMyStyle is helping Women & Men at any stage,  get out of their Style Rut and overcome their own personal Style Challenges.

The aim is to have clients enjoying the life they are leading right now, looking great & wearing clothes that truly express who they are inside whilst fit the reality of their particular lifestyle & budget.

Everyone loves a bit of pampering & a totally new look  – but at STEELEMyStyle if a client opts for one of our Style Makeovers then it is geared towards their reality & totally maintainable.

The main focus for me is that when I return three months later to see how folks are doing – they feel confident & own their new look & can maintain it all even with all the Style Challenges they may face.

Children, Serious Illness, Stress, Overwork, Surgery, Divorce, Remarriage – even just the reality of our busy lives has an impact and can easily push Style to the back of the queue.

It is so easy to lose your Inner Style.

In the last 5 yrs, I have had my fair share of Style Challenges and have been completely demoralized.

My wardrobe has had to change because like many women I have found my lifestyle has completely altered (from Company Director to Mama-on-the-Run). No longer do I spend time dressed to impress while out and about at client meetings, or in a killer frock & heels at an evening Film event or running the red carpet.

Nowadays, if I am not with clients styling & shopping, meeting with industry or at home working or writing the blog, I am a Mama-on-the-Run with my 2 little children – in parks, museums, on outings, at swimming class or doing household chores while they play.

Throw in  the Post-Baby #2  body changes for good measure & you have a major Style rethink.

At first with #1 Bubs I asked myself  ”How do I still feel like “Me” in maternity wear ?”

But the biggest Style Challenge for me was &  often still is – “How on earth do I get out into the world with a shred of Style when hormones, relentless sleep deprivation & stress make me look like a washed-out rag and I am lucky if I get to have a shower in the morning- never mind anything else ?”


I was never high maintenance, but before kids I would spend about 45mins getting ready  - now like most parents or people caring for others, if I have a full uninterrupted 10 minutes to get myself together in the morning I punch the air and give a Whoo- Whoo !

But despite all of that I have realised  that I NEED to express a piece of myself in what I am wearing every.. single.. day. It doesn’t have to be much but the difference it makes is huge.

It’s all about embracing and enjoying the person you are, the shape you’re in, the stage you’re at and the life you are leading at the moment.. with Style !

So at STEELEMyStyle I will help you find your Inner Style, and achieve the look you want – whether you want to top the glamour stakes, look sharp in a suit, rock leopard print in your 60s, completely transform your look or like me just be a Mama-on-the-Run with a bit more gloss & individuality.

Whatever stage of life you are at – 15 or 75 – you can rock it in style !

Whether it’s for you, your partner, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, grandmother, grandpa, uncle, auntie, work colleague,  friend or neighbour.

STEELEMyStyle is here – so get in touch -  and Get Spotted !







Sally Steele