Sally Steele is one of Australia’s leading Stylist, Strategists, Mentors & Speakers about style, self love, sustainability and soulful branding. 

“Style is an Inside Job”  is at the core of Sally’s Personal Style philosophy in her work as a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Curator.

After moving to Brisbane in 2009, Sally’s styling and branding arm of the business has evolved into personal styling, mindset coaching, branding workshops and mentoring for women facing identity, career and business challenges.

In 2016, Sally set up #SpotMyStyle #realstreetstyle hashtags on instagram to celebrate individuality, beauty diversity, ageless style and self expression. The now global movement has surpassed 130k posts with women of all ages, styles, sizes, shapes and ethnicities involved.

A natural optimist and believer that “Self Love is your superpower” Sally is often asked to speak about style, self belief, strategic marketing, conscious consumption and building a bold and authentic brand by many organisations and corporations.

Sally lives in Brisbane with her husband and 2 young daughters.

Dare More, Care Less ® is her first book.

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About Dare More, Care Less ®

Dare More, Care Less ®

Stylist, Strategist, Mentor & Speaker Sally Steele @STEELEMyStyle knows that “Style is an Inside Job ®” and after being in the wardrobes/changing rooms with 1000’s of women she knows a soulful, holistic approach to creating a bold individual personal style is the key to creating confidence that will have a knock-on effect into the rest of your life.

Get curious, learn how to give yourself a Mindset Makeover, understand how to Ditch the Inner Bitch®, become your Inner Cheerleader and develop a bold Personal Style as the first step to shaking things up and getting out of your rut.

As a working Mama of 2, Sally Steele understands the realities of life and focuses on High Impact, Low Maintenance ®styling that allows anyone to curate a wardrobe full of versatile, loved pieces that express your personality no matter what real life might be throwing you.

Learn to love yourself a bit more, see your potential, have more fun with fashion and with your renewed sense of self love and confidence push yourself to Dare More, Care Less® and live your life in full colour !

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