CLOSET KEEPERS – Dropoff Denim

Dropoff Denim

I called this 5th part of the Closet Keepers series – Dropoff Denim on purpose, even though anyone could wear this whether they have kids or not.

That is the point.

Yes I am a Mama, yes I wear flats or a small heel most of the time, but that does not define my style. It may impact a few of my choices but I often find the term “Mum Style”  to be a bit limiting and it gets my goat a bit.

I sometimes hear clients who through our work together reveal themselves to be naturally quite adventurous  or wanting to be more daring feeling like they can’t wear what they love because  Mums will think I am “overdressed” at the park, or soccer or pickups or  doing errands or whatever.

Excuse my French for a minute but Fuck That Bullshit.  

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NEW IN NEW ON – Frayed Denim Pinafore Dress

As soon as I saw this I immediately bought it.

It’s denim – tick

It’s got frayed edges – love

It’s midi length – hello !

It’s got cute 70s inspired buttons down the front

It’s got the dungaree/overall bib that I love but…

It’s a bloody pinafore !

See how I styled and where to buy now ! 


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Budget Buys – 11 Banging Boots Under $100


This is my newest post as a regular contributor for, Australia’s popular Under $100 website.  Readers asked so I delivered… 


Like the skinny jean, the low heel ankle boot has become an everyday staple in most women’s wardrobes.

Hard to believe just 5 short years ago I had to go vintage and source online because I  couldn’t find any in stores.

Now thankfully ankle boots are ubiquitous and there are more options than you can shake a studded stick at.

Over the years I’ve garnered a bit of a collection (metallic, studded, western, cut-out, leopard) because I find them so versatile.

In my work styling and shopping for clients, I know many people find it hard to choose and style the right pair to get the look they want.

I love a bargain as much as the next girl but I also love quality pieces that will become firm Closet Keepers for seasons to come.

So keeping under $100 was a tad challenging because I wanted to source mainly leather and suede options as opposed to manmade.

That said I succeeded in finding 6  leather/suede as well as three longer boot options too- under $100    – I know, knock me down with a feather.

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What an eye-ful – An insightful chat with Brisbane’s Willy Wonka of Eyewear

theo Strook group

As as stylist, an area often overlooked when discussing personal style and strategic styling is eyewear.

But your glasses are a crucial element in expressing your personality and conveying a message to the word about who you are.

A story told by my grandmother is that my mother would walk into stores as a young woman  in the 50s and say

“Please, don’t show me anything ordinary”. She may now be in her 70s but that fierce independent style aesthetic and horror of the ordinary, dreary & the drab has not left her.

So when I took her to 20|20 Optical for new spectacles I knew we were in the right place.

Extraordinary is what they do.

In Willy Wonka he says ‘We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams’. In the world of eyewear (as opposed to candy), 20/20 eyewear designers share the same philosophy, says Kevin Dick.

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Belt up ! – 7 Slick Ways to Style your Scarf


I love scarves of all kinds – I inherited all my grandmother’s and have quite a collection.

It is great showing clients how to style them as a scarf can make a huge difference to an everyday outfit quicker than you can say Jessica Alba.

But if you want to play around a bit more then read on


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CLOSET KEEPERS – Outfit #4 – Slick Sparkles


This is the fourth Outfit Inspiration of CLOSET KEEPERS

A series showing you how to build a wardrobe by choosing pieces you can mix and match with others within your wardrobe.

Rather than random outfits this addresses a problem I see everyday with individual styling clients. series showing you how to build a wardrobe by choosing pieces you can mix and match with others within your wardrobe.

Over the weeks you will see how the pieces can be used in different outfits so you can get a sense of their versatility and the pieces you need to glue your outfits together.

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CLOSET KEEPERS – #3 – Corporate Chic

Corporate Chic #3

This is Outfit Inspo with a difference.

Instead of random Outfits – this CLOSET KEEPERS series will build a wardrobe collection, full of pieces that will be loved and used in multiple outfit inspos to come.

In my work as a Style Mentor and Image Consultant many clients struggle with envisaging all the different ways they can use one piece in their wardrobe. This is to help you see how to build a wardrobe full of options.

In terms of budget I have made most of the pieces priced up to $400 – the cheaper pieces I have highlighted might be to indulge in a passing trend or I found a quality item at a good price. No tat here.

Last week I started the series with Closet Keepers Outfit #1 and #2 – read it here .

Here is outfit #3 – Corporate Chic

I called it that as I can see it easily being worn to an office – but I would wear this out to meetings or a chic dinner with business clients or even a fun night out.



Corporate Chic #3


1. Leopard Print (Statement Coat) - Next Direct – $104  Seen in #1 #2 - – BUY NOW 

This now comes in yellow i notice since I first posted it last week. They have a great range of sizes. If you are really curvy you can opt for a statement coat with a more tailored shape – will add to the series.

2. Black Wrap Midi Skirt – Seed Heritage – on sale – $55.96 – BUY NOW

Everyone needs a quality black midi skirt in their wardrobe -I liked the wrapover detail here  – show a bit of knee.

3. Mint Funnel Neck Textured Tshirt -Sportsgirl  now on sale – $41.96 – BUY NOW 

Funnel Necks are everywhere and mint is a great colour that looks good with monochromes, metallics and denim. This is a great option for those in warmer states too so you can still layer under a jacket. For cooler climes bring out the great scarves and wool coats to layer over.

4. Simple Black Leather Stiletto – Topshop – $119.00- BUY NOW 

These just happen to be from Topshop but I have posted about good ones in Wittner, Country Road before – you just want something that won’t date. They look great with pants or pencil skirt – a staple that will come and go in fashion trends but will stay in your wardrobe and always look good with an outfit when you need it too.

5. Zac Posen Black Bag – The Outnet – $405 - BUY NOW  

As seen before in #1 – put as much money as possible into this bag as you will see it alot !

6. Saint Laurent oval Catseye sunglasses  –  Matches Fashion – $300- BUY NOW 

I wear sunglasses every day in Australia at some point – (lucky me) after all those years of rain in Scotland … I have used these in every outfit so you can see how versatile this shape is and invest – they work on a price per wear. Will elevate a basic outfit to chic and sleek. These are pretty reasonable I reckon.

7.  Nars Lipstick – Mecca _ $35 – BUY NOW

A pop of colour – Pink is my favourite – works well as a contrast with greens but there is a huge range- lipstick just adds a touch of presentation to an outfit – no other heavy makeup needed.






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Sally Steele, is the lady behind  STEELEMyStyle and  is a Personal Stylist, Shopper, Wardrobe Consultant, Style Mentor & Branding specialist now based in Brisbane with Clients all over Australia.

She is in her 40s, has two little kids and helps others find their inner style & love the life they are leading.

She lives a real life  and knows how to navigate the challenges we face be it from stress, grief, overwork or just the everyday working Mama juggle in style & with a good dose of humour.



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The Power of a Good Brow – Benefit & Sister 2 Sister Collabo




















Everyone – even celebrities know the power of a good brow. 

In my work as a stylist and image consultant I often advise clients about changing the shape of their brows or going lighter/darker to really frame their face and make the most of their features

A talented Brow artist is worth their weight in gold. In more ways that one.

You can up your brow game and help disadvantaged teen girls at the same time. Read on ..

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Speedstyling at the Endeavour Foundation’s – The Labels Shop Launch

I love a bargain. Plus I am pretty passionate about sustainability.

A friend once said I had a Shopping Fairy and she is not wrong.

I also love Opshops / Thrift stores and find great gems but I know there are folks out there who don’t love …well preloved.

So the incredible Endeavour Foundation opened THE LABELS SHOP – here in Brisbane at 204 Riding Road Balmoral and I was invited to the VIP launch this week.

THE LABELS SHOP is a new retail concept by this independent not-for-profit offering brand-new quality international labels at irresistable prices, with ever-changing stock arriving daily.

It is very much a first in – best dressed scenario !

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Will Love to Receive



Don’t know about you but I have a lovely husband… who is rather clueless with gifts.

So what I do throughout the year is make a list of links on an email of things I love out there that he can get me for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Anniversary … random “you are so wonderful I just had to buy this for you”type of present.

It works a treat.

There is an element of surprise but I always adore what he gives me – so it is a win win.

When I am working with Styling clients I teach them that great accessories can really make the difference to creating a killer outfit.

I am also very keen on sustainable and ethical fashion brands and love promoting good people so that is why this Mother’s Day I am choosing to highlight the range from a very special Australian brand.

I introduce you to the wonders of WILLKO   and 5 of my favourites.



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Closet Keepers – Leopard Coat – 2 Ways – Monochrome Chic & Lo-Fi Leopard


Most folks who read the blog know that I am not a BUY BUY BUY type of gal.

I believe in helping clients build a wardrobe full of Closet Keepers - pieces that they can mix and match and they love wearing – that can be switched around to create a myriad of outfits for many years to come.

There is also a lot of outfit inspiration out there, but when I was thinking about the problems and challenges faced by my styling clients everyday I thought I would do things a bit differently.

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STEELEMyStyle’s 21 Fun Flats To Amp Up Your Everyday Under $100


In my work as a style mentor with individual styling clients  I teach them that they can change so much of the look of their wardrobe with the shoes they choose.

If like me, your lifestyle has changed dramatically since kids and the majority of your time is spent running around in flats then this one is especially for you. I deem a flat anything that I can chase, run down &  wrangle a runaway dog, errant child or do a mammoth shopping day with a client in – hence the wee low clog.

Also, call me a dag but cool, fun, shiny, sparkly shoes make me happy – instant style & mood booster in one. 

So when Chelsea from iconic I Heart Bargains liked my 18 Cool Flats post & asked me if I could find 10-12 fun flats under $100 I thought you are on !

Most readers know I am a savvy shopper rather than buying cheap, disposable pieces, so I spent a bit of time sourcing some great quality leather and suede on sale – sizes will therefore be limited so be quick.

Oh and I love a challenge  – so I found 21 great flats under $100 ...


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Talking ’bout a Fashion Revolution ..


 Today April 24 is Fashion Revolution Day.


What is it? 


The Fashion ‘revolution’ marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, when over 1,100 innocent workers lost their lives and is all about encouraging consumers to turn their clothes inside out and ask the question ‘#whomademyclothes in order to call for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

As consumers we don’t know the true cost of the things we buy.

The fashion industry supply chain is fractured and producers have become faceless.

This is costing lives.

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Just One Thing: Sophia Webster eat-your-heart-out heels under $200


I love how one killer piece can take an ordinary outfit to another level.

Inspired by that Amerie hit from yesteryear “Just 1 Thing”  – this song comes in my head when I see a statement piece that is a great bargain.

I adore Sophia Webster ‘s playful take on the killer heel it’s right up my rainbow alley. If you can afford to buy her shoes – do it – you will never regret paying the money. In your twilight years you can put them on and totter around the nursing home with a huge smile on your face.

But for mere mortals like myself who have yet to

a) find a spare $1000 doing nothing down the back of the sofa

b) find a size 38.5 in any of the styles I love (damn you average sized foot !)

Never fear. I audibly gasped when I saw these cute heels doing some sourcing for a styling client.

So to start your Monday off with a Bang and to shake up your Mother’s Day Gift List for under $200 … read on.

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Shop the Look: Arm yourself with A Sleeveless Duster Coat

As a working Mama with little kids, I don’t have time for high maintenance dressing.

And in my work, I teach clients how to arm themselves with a versatile wardrobe full of pieces that give instant effortless no brainer style so they can look killer in a flash and spend time actually enjoying life.

When I was pregnant and post baby I used to chuck on vintage kimonos and statement coats and stagger out in that sleep-deprived blur with big sunnies, and lipstick and people would – “Wow Sal – you always look amazing ”

“Smoke & Mirrors” believe me. 



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Grandfather’s wisdom – Desiderata revisited



One of the reasons we moved to Brisbane 5 years ago was so that my children could know their Grandparents and gain from that incredibly rich relationship.

As my parents travelled and lived overseas a lot of my childhood, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my extremely optimistic, supportive, joyful fun-loving grandparents.

One of my Grandfather’s favourite sayings was

“There is no such word as can’tyou might try and fail, but then you learn from it , keep trying until eventually you manage it to the best of your ability.”

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Get The Look: Jessica Alba & Gwen Stefani in paint-splattered jeans


Want to get Gwen and Jessica’s cool Mama parklife look ?

Then there are 2 options.

And both are easy, sustainable and feel good.

Buy or DIY …?

Ready, steady Go 


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Shop The Look: Olivia Palermo in Peacoat & Culottes





Want to get Olivia’s  modern nautical look ?

read on … 

The star  is without doubt the Tibi Luxe Peacoat.

I have already talked about the reinventing of the humble timeless stripe this year – here and the little detail of the white stripes on the sleeve of the classic navy peacoat is the key to this utterly effortless chic style.

But let’s not forget the addition of the funnel neck and the culottes –

My love affair with the culotte  does not end – I first starting talking about them on the blog last year and no wonder – Easter lunch,  work, weekend, date night, dinner, daytime – there is a way to style culottes for every occasion and I personally love that about them.


Recreate this look in 4, 3, 2, 1,….

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Happiness is always an inside job

Did you know March 20 was The United Nations International Day of Happiness ?

I didn’t – which is weird because for me

..happiness is a big deal.

I am lucky in my family – we are a pretty silly, joyful bunch – I have strong memories of my grandparents and parents goofing around, wearing wigs and dancing, blowing bubbles, having water fights and generally having a rare old time, whenever we got together.

I also remember that during the hard times my dad would remind us how the situation wasn’t permanent and things would get better – he also taught me to always be optimistic and look look on the bright side.




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Metallic Mondays – Metallic Rain Mac Under $100



As a Mama of 2 and a Personal Stylist I am well aware of how to incorporate style and practicality and help other Mamas do the same.

Things I never ever had to consider before kiddiwinks.


How to wrangle little kids, babies, buggies, scooters, bikes &  dog in the rain without looking like a drowned rat, wearing  god forbid an anorak.  ?

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