Fun Friday: Dancing it out with The Godfather of Soul


James Brown’s Superbad was the first record I ever bought with my own money.

I have always loved dancing and especially to soul, r & b and hip hop. When I was 15/16 yrs old  I used to go to over 18 clubs in Glasgow, not to flirt with boys, drink, do drugs or smoke..but to get dressed up and dance my arse off until the early hours to Gil Scott Heron, James Brown, Candi Staton, Maceo and the Macks and so on.

Nowadays there are very few opportunities to have a good dance when you are my age.

Go to a club ? Are you serious ? 

Whenever this is suggested – I always remember this hilarious scene from “Knocked Up.”

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What pieces I’ll be looking for… at H&M


Everything Scandi is beloved in Australia

And with International Swedish Fashion powerhouse H & M opening here in Brisbane tomorrow Thursday, March 5 at 10am just down the road from me in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre the love affair is sure to continue.

It has also been announced that H & M  will open in Westfield Garden City in May and the CBD later in 2015.

As a Brit, I grew up with the great fashion pieces that were available at  H&M and I am excited as the Brisbane retail landscape expands with Zara and Uniqlo expected soon too, but also as a Personal Stylist it is great to have more diversity and choice for clients of all budgets.

So welcome H & M and to celebrate – here are a couple of staple denim outfit pieces that I will be checking out tomorrow.

What will you be looking for ?

Let me know how you go !

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25 things you can only know by following my Instagram


Instagram a go-go

As well as the blog, which I update 3 times a week, I post twice daily on Instagram and weekly updates on Pinterest.

I started Instagram when my Dad had his first stroke in 2012  and consequently when he was dying as I found it so hard to write the blog when I was just trying to survive the next 12 hour rollercoaster of overwhelming emotion, sorrow and sadness. 

Instagram allowed me to remain connected and post a picture of a moment in the day – often just something that inspired me, made me laugh or feel nostalgic.

Anyway – apart from cool new indie brand discoveries,  things to buy, my favourite of the runway shows and great streetstyle here are 25 things my Instagram feed would tell you about me that you might otherwise never know.

Come follow me …join the conversation … it’s fun x


1. I  really like balloons, pompoms and googly eyes 






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Shop The Look: Alexa Chung in Monochrome Patent


Want to get Alexa’s look ?

read on … 

Patent is going to be big this year – Need more patent inspiration ?

Check out my Pinterest Board: How to Wear Patent.

When I saw Alexa Chung’s outfit this week at #lfw I felt compelled … to do a bit of scouring. 


Easy as 1, 2, 3 

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Youth, Ageing and Fear






Tomorrow I turn 44.

It staggers me sometimes.

Not because I hate getting older or want to stay young – in fact I like getting older – even in terms of how I look. I find it interesting.

But when I say the number outloud it doesn’t make sense.

How can I still not feel like a grown-up when I am by society’s standards classed as middle-aged ?

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Best in Store: 5 Fun Fringed Pieces to Shake up Your Wardrobe


Fringes are an instant style statement.


Milan Fashionweek FW 2014, day 4


It’s impossible not to have fun when wearing fringes.

Totally. Unheard of.

Indeed, you may break out into some dance moves when wearing fringes.

So if you are the type of gal who likes more fun in her wardrobe then read on.


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6 Ways to Rev up your everyday with RRRed


This week I have been inspired by runway & streetstyle images from the A/W15 shows  at New York Fashion Week  to work more red into my everyday.

Not just for Red Carpet Events

I am already a fan of red and have two red dresses that I love wearing for events, an original 50s Vintage silk chiffon full cocktail dress and a Zac Posen (for Target) sheath (seen below)



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Best in Store: Vintage 70s Hawaiian Maxi

2014-12-11 10.19.22

Everyone knows I love mixing vintage into my and clients’ wardrobes. 

This comes from my love of clothes that are unique, sustainable, have a story and my desire to support independent retailers.

Hibiscus as a flower reminds me of photos of my beloved grandparents on one of their dream holidays at the Kahala Hilton in Hawaii.

Then add a colour combination like turquoise and neon pink and  you have a frock that just encapsulates  – fun and happy for me.

Everytime I wear this cotton dress from Brisbane Vintage store Can You Keep a Secret  now in Woolloongabba - I kid you not – at least 10 passersby, school mums, shop assistants, old ladies etc  tell me what a beautiful dress it is  and how much they love the print.

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Hot under the collar: 3 Funnel Necks to buy and wear now


Funnel, turtle, mock turtle, polo, roll whatever the heck type of neck you call it – it has suffered a serious image problem.

Growing up in Scotland and Europe – they were a beloved necessity to avoid freezing to death but I’ve noticed how many Aussie Personal Styling clients  (especially here in Tropical Queensland) rebel against the high neck – too hot, too frumpy, too unflattering is the opinion.

If there is one thing we have learned from Fashion Week it is.. Funnel necks are going to be EVERYWHERE in 2015. 

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Bye Bye Blah – Aloha Afternoon Boost

2015-02-05 13.11.46

This time last year – the afternoon slump was daily – exhausted, lethargic then only sleeping fitfully.

I just thought it was my age – or dealing with grief.

But after giving up sugar in July 2014, I no longer feel those slumps of energy at 3pm and 8pm.

I sleep like a top and I am calmer, less wired, stressed or fuzzy.

No longer do I get through the work/life/mama shuffle on adrenaline, nervous energy, coffee or a sugary treat.

I thought I would share what I now have mid afternoon to boost my brain power on the one day (wednesday) when I don’t pick up the kids from school and kindy and get a long work day.

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Line up ! A fresh look at stripes in 2015


Stripes are iconic, chic and timeless.

Stripes (like metallics in my closet) are a neutral and I love mixing and mashing them with with florals, metallics, leopard, camo and spots or just pairing everything down with simple Breton Marinière and jeans.

Stripes on the runway

Since AW/14 the 60s, 70s vibes that have been influencing the runway looks, have meant that stripes in SS15 have a whole new flavour. It never ceases to amaze me how designers can continue to take the same pattern through dizzying new variations. Love it!

Pinstripes, varsity, zig zags, pastels, bright colour block stripes, candy stripes, spots & florals mashup or just a new take on the minimalist nautical stripe, everyone’s at it.

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Best in Store: Black Slouchy Cotton Pants


The perfect slouchy pant is hard to find.


When I am shopping for my Personal Styling & Shopping clients, I am in the zone – whether I am with them or not, I never look at things for myself, but this week when I bought these 100% cotton slouchy pants for a client – and  saw how awesome they were just on the hanger and then when I got them to her house saw how perfect they looked on my client,  I bought a pair for myself.

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How to: wear a 70s inspired modern mullet


Most years I change my hair- cut and colour  – as I tell my Personal Styling & Image consultancy clients it is a fun and easy way to play around and wear existing clothes in a different way.

So this time last year my hair changed dramatically from platinum blonde bob (which had played around in pastels a bit too) to squid ink /licorice, 1960s bowlcut – read about it here.

I was growing it and enjoying the bigger bowl and mushroom cut and was aiming to grow my hair into model Jamie Bochert type long shag.

Hot, bothered and bored.

This tropical qld summer has tested my hair-growing metal and this week I could not handle the mop anymore.

Anyway had noticed Marc Jacobs’ 2014 runway models and Edie Campbell’s mullet done by Guido Pilau and loved it.

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Instant Style Combo: ZanZan & Revlon Colorburst


Instant style savers is something I always teach my personal styling clients. 

Living in Australia I definitely count Sunglasses and Lipstick the one – two punch in my instant daily style routine.

When my dad had his strokes and I was by his side 3/4 hrs a day over 18 mths before he then died I was having to face clients, colleagues, school mums and run the business and be there for husband, kids and my Mama, my sunglasses & lipstick combo was my Instant Style Secret Weapon.

Whether you have had no sleep with little kids,  eyes red from tears, or are wearing the same outfit you had on the day before – killer different sunnies and a pop of colour on your lips and people don’t even notice.

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Sugar – Free Breakfast Brain Food


Have lots on my Epic Stuff To Achieve in 2015 list so need to keep my brain, body and soul nourished and focussed.

6 months ago my breakfast would have been a soy latte and pain au chocolat ( if I was lucky.)

Now I start everyday with meditation, warm water & lemon, followed by a green smoothie, but today I got caught out with no green veg in the house.

So I improvised and it was yum.

Here is what was in it.

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How to: Style Ankara African Prints 7 Ways



When I first saw Haitian/Italian designer, Stella Jean’s runway in SS14 I was speechless. It was utterly perfect and in terms of my own personal style just connected with me immediately.

Playful but sophisticated and grown-up at the same time.

I also love how she is dedicated to ethically manufacturing and help artisanal women in disadvantaged areas worldwide.

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Back to school, Family traditions & work with a legend


Offline and unplugged is utterly divine.

After over a month off with no phone, instagram, facebook, wifi – I was back online  today and back to school schedule albeit a new one with ms 4 yr old starting kindy and ms 7 yr old heading into yr 3.

It was brilliant having that much time offline – probably not the best for my “online presence” and Google Analytics as my SEO guys says but really I couldn’t give a toss.

I meditated, read ( The Secret History/Donna Tartt) played with the kids, listened more, spoke to the Man and did a lot of thinking … yeah I know – a rarity.

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STEELEMyStyle x River Island – Australia Day Fashion


What to Wear (in Brisbane) on Australia Day ?

When the lovely people at River Island came to me and asked me to be involved and do a “what to wear” for their Australia Day feature of course I said yes. I have loved and known River Island since I was young in the UK and have introduced many clients and readers to their great pieces.

Below is the feature as they printed it alongside fellow bloggers Annabel from Londoner in Sydney and Susan from Fashion Adventurer with my Extended version below (including) shopping links.

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Win a pair of flopZ gel thongs for Summer !


Before I moved to Australia from Scotland, 14 years ago, I hadn’t worn thongs since family holidays in Arran when those old school 70s flipflops cut your feet and toes to mincemeat. Brrrr…but thanks to Havaianas I crossed over.

When we moved to Tropical Queensland in 2010, my fancy sandal and thong collection has moved into the same realm as my sunglasses collection and now Havaianas have a strong contender for the crown with flopZ.

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STEELEMyStyle x Black Taffeta Maxi Skirt

2014-12-12 11.28.29-1

To the Max

I love people watching in general and remember being a student at the Sorbonne in Paris and working in London and Tokyo and happily spending hours sitting watching the  world & the outfits go by.

Inspiration for me comes from many sources – film, nature, travel, literature, music & art but I definitely get a lot from the street.

Now as a busy working mama, living in the burbs I don’t get that same visual inspiration  and so I love Pinterest and blogs, looking at streetstyle, especially from Fashion Week.

I love the mix of fashion powerbrokers, editors, trend forecasters, bloggers and buyers and what they are putting together.

A couple of seasons ago these ladies (including Yasmin Sewell & Tiffany Hsu)  stood out and the floor skimming maxi intrigued me.

I thought I would keep an eye out for a floor length taffeta maxi and maybe try it out.

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