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Brand Campaign

SunSoaked SS19/20 – Your #ultimateonepiece

Throughout 2019, I continued to work closely as Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Business Developmen consultant with SunSoaked. Due to the huge success of SunSoaked’s pioneering sunsafe Mama and Me twinning range – and extension into 6-14yr SunSoaked Bella, Sunburn added the new Bambino range (00-5) nationally across all stores in Australia. In 2019, the …

Brand Community Life Wellness

Botanical Luxury in its Simplicité

Anyone who reads the blog or follows me on instagram knows I am a proud 48 year old Mama who is not beauty product focussed, nor do I personally do botox, fillers, acidic peels or lasers. Without sounding like a tosser, most of my effort goes into focussing on living my day to day life …

Brand Community Shopping

STEELEMyStyle loves… Doodad and Fandango

It was a dreich, overcast Saturday in Brisbane – a rarity – bringing out the Glaswegian in me – but thanks to fresh hair by Brisbane hairdressing legend Ellie May Hair I  happily trotted off to be basketball sidelines to cheer on Ms 10. Berets are my beanies and it was a bit parky to …

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