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Botanical Luxury in its Simplicité

Anyone who reads the blog or follows me on instagram knows I am a proud 48 year old Mama who is not beauty product focussed, nor do I personally do botox, fillers, acidic peels or lasers. Without sounding like a tosser, most of my effort goes into focussing on living my day to day life …

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Youth, Ageing and Fear

      Tomorrow I turn 44. It staggers me sometimes. Not because I hate getting older or want to stay young – in fact I like getting older – even in terms of how I look. I find it interesting. But when I say the number outloud it doesn’t make sense. How can I …

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Hug it out – 8 Reasons Hugs are Part of our Family Routine

Hope your week starts well – but before you hurtle into the morning “get in the car !”  for school runs how about this… Our family are pretty affectionate, but when things were tough with health, grief and life worries a few years ago I found that stress made me agitated, more disconnected and less abundant …

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Grandfather’s wisdom – Desiderata revisited

  One of the reasons we moved to Brisbane 5 years ago was so that my children could know their Grandparents and gain from that incredibly rich relationship. As my parents travelled and lived overseas a lot of my childhood, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my extremely optimistic, supportive, …

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11 Reasons to go Offline and have a Digital Detox

  Every Year At Christmas Time I Go Offline & Unplug. Over the year here at STEELEMyStyle a lot of my life is spent online – a business necessity. I  update the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Polyvore at least once a day. In my personal life too I find interesting articles and check …

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