Advertising, Sponsorship & Cross-Promotional Opportunities

In my work I work closely with hundreds of women (& men) who trust my opinion and not only take my guidance on what brands and designers to wear but where to shop, exercise, eat and much more.

My clients are educated, high income and highly discerning men and women aged 25 – 60 years old – a demographic that is premium to brands and services.

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Happy to accept enquiries about paid sponsored collaborations if it is considered to be on brand with STEELEMyStyle and connect with my reader /client demographic. This will include a fee + product/service.

Feel free to get in touch if you are keen to be involved in some way – or offer products, treatments, events or experiences for trial, review or competitions – however obviously I reserve the right not to guarantee it will be written about or reviewed favourably. This will include a fee + product/service.

Also always interested to hear about new products, collections, services, events etc so do pop me on your mailing list.

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