Giving Back

Here at STEELEMyStyle I like to give back.

I support my children’s schools, clients’ children’s schools, kindys, local community projects and charities with Makeover prizes, Fashion Events and my services at their events.

Everyone has their struggles.

We all need to give ourselves a break and just embrace the shape we are in now and love the face and body we have got. Often making that effort can be the catalyst for bigger changes – baby steps.

I sit down and really get to know my clients, what is actually going on in their lives beyond the lipstick and smiles at the school gates.

Why ? because I care and I have been there myself.

So much of the reward I get from this job is people telling me they love themselves a little bit more after we hang out.

We love that we are making a wee difference in people’s lives.






Wesley Hospital













Here is a snapshot of some makeovers we have done for charities.

“Make My Day” Makeover  – Winner-  Jen

Jen mother of two under 6 had had a hellish year when she won the Make My Day – Makeover . Our lovely friends at Birdsnest also came to the party and donated new clothes voucher for Jen worth $200 !

As well as her home being devastated by the hailstorm that came through Brisbane’s Western suburbs and taking over a year to settle with insurance and get fixed, she discovered after years of struggling with illnesses that she had Automimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and has been in and out of hospital. She also had suffered enormous stress due to her child’s illhealth and family worries.




Everyday park & school dropoffs




Work event with husband / party wear




“Make My Day” Makeover  – Winner-  Toni

As part of Giving Back, I and the rest of TEAM STEELEMyStyle (@EllieatNutSalon, Prisicilla Verrall Beauty & Ruby Reginato Photography)  often offer a Make My Day Makeover (worth $2200 AUD) as a major raffle prize for a charity fundraisers.

Toni won it at the Wesley Breast Clinic High Tea.

My mother went through double mastectomy and always said the staff were so lovely and supportive at the Wesley Breast Clinic so I was happy to help them raise needed funds to carry on the important work they do.

This is the lovely Toni, Mama of one, in her forties, who works part time.







Lunch, BBQ, Birthday party, Racewear (add hat/fascinator) Wedding wear





 Night Out, Black Tie Function, Work Event with husband









EllieatNutSalon (hair) Priscilla (beauty, makeup) Toni & I



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