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“Sally, I can’t thank you enough for today! What refreshing, inspiring and liberating experience I had guided by your exceptional knowledge and talent in what you do. I will most definitely be living in full colour! xx ”

Jade – 38


“I was thrilled with what happened on Saturday. I knew I had some nice clothes to utilise so what I appreciated most about you and what you offered me, was an opportunity to push my boundaries a little, to think of things a little differently.

What I expected to get out of Saturday was a rule book about dos and don’ts for my body, shape, colourings, and although I did get that, what I got that was way more liberating – it was the permission to draw on my inner creativity to reflect in my style.

You also gave me something much more priceless, which was confidence!

Confidence to try new things, to experiment, to take some risks, make some mistakes and put on my “best” clothes every day of the week. Life is too short to worry if my waistline appears 1 cm narrower in a certain style skirt, but life is also too short not to have fun with my clothes. The story so far.. I went shopping on Monday and bought a pair of one piece swimming togs. With the confidence you gave me I tried on a red pair.  So I feel very bold as I have only ever worn brown or khaki  togs since I was a child!  Apart from buying red (inner gasp from me) what was different about my swimsuit-trying-on-experience was that I felt confident, so confident in fact I even walked out of the change room in my togs!

My body hadn’t changed, but I had changed internally thanks to you.

I feel like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. x “

Emma  – 41


“Sally you have have given me such a sense of hope and as you predicted a new level of body acceptance. I feel like I don’t have to wait until I finally get to the “perfect” weight to start dressing in a way that makes me feel good. Thanks to you I have glimpsed the stylish me I knew was in there. Yesterday I put an outfit together and just felt so confident and amazing. It was astonishing how much energy I had just by wearing an outfit I felt good in. Thank you so much Sally I think I love myself a bit more since meeting you. I have loved this journey and it has only just begun !”

Jen L – 39


With 3 little kids to look after, it’s been years since I’ve had the time to think about myself and the clothes I wear.  I mean, I guess I think about how I’d like to look but the practicalities of achieving this seemed way out of reach, given the constraints of time and budget. Sally came into my house like a ray of sunshine, bringing with her a positive energy that made going through my wardrobe a genuinely fun experience!

Sally shows you what works – how adding the right belt can change the shape of a whole outfit, how the right pair of shoes can not only make you feel taller but more confident and assured. And shopping with Sally is fantastic – a true education in personal styling – with a load of laughs along the way. What’s more Sally gives you advice that won’t leave you with a trail of credit card guilt. I’m about to head back into the workforce now and it’s great to feel a bit less ‘mama’ and a lot more ‘me’.  Cheers Sally!

Polly – 38


“Sally was recommended to me by a close friend who gave her an amazing wrap, to which I could hardly say no too. She has brought out my inner creativity, made multiple uses of existing signature items, suggest I wear styles and shapes I would never have considered and provided me a list of must buys for future shopping trips. It has given me great confidence when purchasing fashion and accessories in the future and also the comments I am receiving is a clear result of how she has helped me.

So much so, recently at a family wedding, my middle son, thought I looked so stylish, that I must be a celebrity and my husband and father were my bodyguards!

Bring on the red carpet I say!”

Vanessa C – 40


“Dear Sally,  Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I learnt so much from you about dressing to flatter my body shape, bringing colour, sparkle and fun into my wardrobe and what to look for when I go shopping. Before we met I looked into the wardrobe and I saw black and navy blue which is what I always bought because it felt safe. Now I love looking into my wardrobe and seeing the gorgeous classic & cool statement pieces you helped me choose – It really makes me look forward to getting dressed in the morning whether for work or hanging with the kids. Thanks to you I now know how I can layer clothes or change one item to make a casual outfit into something more special. When we first met I immediately felt comfortable with you – you made everything so easy and fun .

What I also like is that we went to a range of shops –which I would never have done. I loved shopping with you because we bought so much in a few hours that would have taken me days.  You have also showed me how to embrace online shopping & vintage.

Your hairdresser Ellie is lovely and I love my new haircut. I love the bob cut you recommended too. Thank you for sending me to her. Last night I wore the Asos wallpaper dress with the pink suede Seed shoes for dinner with friends and they were great together! Everyone commented on how nice the dress was, where did I get it, etc. Also I was asked had I had my hair done for the night – had hardly had time to brush it !

Sally, you really are amazing!”

Lucy P –  36


My sister, mother and I had the pleasure of working with Sally Steele recently. The “STEELEMyStylist for a Day” was purchased as a gift to our mother, who has severe scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Sally was a breath of fresh air, providing a myriad of ideas and practical advice on how to wear clothing and accessorise. Sally was professional, organised and fun. She  demonstrated an ability to adapt ideas to meet Mum’s individual needs, personality and lifestyle. Since that day, Mum has taken on board Sally’s advice and is having fun with colour and accessories. Many people have commented on how lovely she is looking. Personally it has rejuvenated my own love of dressing up and having fun with style. A big thank you Sally.

Erin P – 35


Having attended many style Events hosted by Sally over the last 10 years, what truly sets her apart is her innate understanding of what suits your body shape, when to push the boundaries and when to opt for the safer option. We share a love of Vintage – with some of my best acquisitions following her consultation – and an ever so slight obsession with experimentation of hair colour and style. Her advice has been invaluable and STEELEMyStyle offers others a unique opportunity to benefit from her creativity and flair.

Linda D – 41


Sally Steele from STEELEMyStyle came on board as my Style & Fashion Consultant during my Year 12 to help me with styling for the various Semi-Formals and Formals.  She made a usually stressful situation for any young woman so much fun and really exciting. I felt in such good hands and trusted her sense of style so much that I never had any hassles or worries about potentially regretting my outfits, seeing someone in the same or what accessories to wear.

Having Sally’s knowledgeable insight into upcoming trends & red carpet looks gave me the edge and style that made me stand out for all the right reasons at every single occasion. The whole process was such an easy experience thanks to Sally’s outgoing and fun personality.  Her ability to relate to me as an adolescent, allowed me to express my individual personality aided by her professional and unique expertise. I now have such wonderful photos and memories of those events to keep forever. Thanks Sally 

Dana – 17


Spending the day with Sally has completely changed my whole approach to the way I shop, dress & buy make-up – it has enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone into a world of colour and accessories. Being a very conservative person by nature, meant that I had always resorted to the same style and colours. With my existing wardrobe, Sally showed me that combining those pieces with some interesting jewellery or a great scarf can result in a ‘wow’ factor.

Shopping with Sally, has left me with a repertoire of knowledge and some fantastic statement pieces that mean I will not only get the best out of my current wardrobe but my future dressing and shopping will be done with greater confidence & flair.

Subsequent to my day with Sally I have had so many compliments about my clothes, my accessories and my hair cut – one person saying to me  “You look so well Anthea, what is it you have been doing, you look younger ! ”

Thanks Sally for a great day, for your ongoing follow-up and for making me feel so good about how I look !

Anthea P – 56


Hi Sally, Just wanted to write & say a huge thank you for an absolutely fantastic couple of days. It was a very personal experience for me to go through and you were so kind, friendly and totally professional, giving me the truth about my clothes. We did what I needed to do, get rid of a lot of stuff in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear, or had worn once or twice and didn’t  feel comfortable in. You made everything so easy and I couldn’t be happier with my new wardrobe & how it works with clothes I already had. You gave me some fantastic advice that I’ve been following every day. You’ve armed me with the knowledge and I now know what flatters, hides and enhances my assets.  I’ve had so many complimentary remarks. What a confidence boost!

Thanks again Sally, you made me feel really comfortable and positive about the whole experience. Bring on Spring because I’m actually looking forward to the next shopping outing!

Teresa W – 51


As the GM for Australia’s premiere film event, The Inside Film Awards, I was required to appear on stage and within the live TV broadcast, so I needed to make sure I looked the part. Sally introduced me to Australian designer Tina Kalivas, whose work is amazing. Sally organised a private fitting for me, and I was able to loan a gorgeous Tina Kalivas dress for the night. I felt great in the design, and everyone commented on how fabulous I looked. Sally has always had an innate sense of style – every time I saw her she looked amazing, yet the looks seemed to come together so effortlessly for her. She certainly is well known amongst my peers as the most stylish lady in the film industry!

Angie Fielder, Producer “Wish you Were Here”, Aquarius Films


I first met the formidable Sally Steele 8 years ago working on a film. When Sally came to set for the first time, the thing that struck me was her effortlessly chic style… A casual elegance reminiscent of Parisian ladies.

Sally dressed like Alexa Chung before there was an Alexa Chung!

The second thing that hit me was her incredibly fierce intelligence- Sally is exceptionally smart, intuitive and perceptive. She has become a close friend and I know whatever she turns her hand to, she will make it extraordinary.

Alyssa McClelland, Actor/ Filmmaker




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