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Personal Style & Wardrobe Curation

‘Style is as individual as one’s fingerprint and it’s an inside job”

Author of self love/style handbook, Dare More, Care Less®, Sally Steele is without doubt The RealStreetStylist.

A working mama of 2, based in Brisbane but with clients all over Australia, Sally’s expertise of working with over 1000s of men & women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities is unparalleled.

“Curate don’t Consume”

As Ch 1 of her sell out book Dare More, Care Less ® says “Style is an inside job™” and Sally will help you have a Mindset Makeover, Ditch The Inner Bitch ™ and consciously curate a killer wardrobe to express your individuality.

The experience is always illuminating, fun, positive, morale boosting and very often even life-changing.

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Self & Style Workshops, Events & Masterclasses

Due to the popularity of Dare More, Care Less ® and Sally’s other brand strategy commitments, she is no longer doing one to one Personal Styling.

Sally along with her close friends and fellow stylists Sarah Merrett and Cate Massi has created The Friday Collective.

The inaugural Self & Style Masterclass

Brand You, Brand New
Sunday 1 December – 1-4pm The Calile Hotel

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