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Personal Style & Wardrobe Curation

‘Style is as individual as one’s fingerprint and it’s an inside job”

Author of self love/style handbook, Dare More, Care Less®, Sally Steele is without doubt The RealStreetStylist.

A working mama of 2, based in Brisbane but with clients all over Australia, Sally’s expertise of working with over 1000s of men & women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities is unparalleled.

“Curate don’t Consume”

As Ch 1 of her sell out book Dare More, Care Less ® says “Style is an inside job™” and Sally will help you have a Mindset Makeover, Ditch The Inner Bitch ™ and consciously curate a killer wardrobe to express your individuality.

The experience is always illuminating, fun, positive, morale boosting and very often even life-changing.

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Self & Style Workshops, Events & Masterclasses

Due to the popularity of Dare More, Care Less ® and Sally’s other brand strategy commitments, she is no longer doing one to one Personal Styling.

If you are interested in knowing about her upcoming Self, Style & Sustainability Workshops, Events and Masterclasses please sign up below.

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