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Youth, Ageing and Fear

      Tomorrow I turn 44. It staggers me sometimes. Not because I hate getting older or want to stay young – in fact I like getting older – even in terms of how I look. I find it interesting. But when I say the number outloud it doesn’t make sense. How can I …

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DIY – Pompom leather sandals

I never met a pom pom I didn’t like .. So true. A few months ago I saw this picture on Pinterest of customised pom pom leather tie up gladiator sandals on Etsy made by clever lady Elina Linardaki. They are all made to order and pretty, happy, fun summer sandals.         …

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25 things you can only know by following my Instagram

Instagram a go-go As well as the blog, which I update 3 times a week, I post twice daily on Instagram and weekly updates on Pinterest. I started Instagram when my Dad had his first stroke in 2012 ¬†and consequently when he was dying as I found it so hard to write the blog when …

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